Taobao guest website how to hide the Taobao customer promotion link.

this method is used, just search Taobao customers to promote the most popular slimming products, we find that this method is skilled in the use of the method of some webmaster, it is very simple, concrete implementation method is as follows:

(”) A lot of

, a framework called

two, JS calls


is a very simple JS file, in brackets again with framework calls, second methods can be said to be the first method to upgrade it, and called JS framework calls, plus a double insurance! If the webmaster friends, as long as the inside of the shouyecp.html for their own good promotion.

direct calls to the promotion of the guest page Taobao, the definition of good width and height is good, very simple.




guest website, which is used as one of the most common customers to promote the form of Taobao, through the promotion of the website, the introduction of the target flow, so as to get the conversion rate, and the tragedy is that the domestic search engine Taobao boss treat guest website is not friendly, prompted many Amoy owners shall not take "extraordinary measures" to address this unfriendly. The hidden Taobao customers to promote links is the most popular approach for the moment.

watched friends love Shanghai Optimization Guide to understand, love Shanghai optimization guide, website suggest webmaster friends is less JS, less with frame, the search engine is not easy to identify, it is because of this, many Taobao guest in the opposite direction, just to hide the Taobao customers to promote links, the author summarizes the current webmaster three common friends hide Taobao customers to promote the link method:

in the home position on a call JS code to implement by invoking a folder in the JS file, such as the code: < scriptsrc=’贵族宝贝**贵族宝贝/tg/shouyecp.js’language=’javascript’>, is called the root directory of the TG directory of the shouyecp.js file, and the shouyecp.js file is the real Taobao customer link promotion page the contents of the shouyecp.js file, as follows:

framework calls can be said to be the most simple, I also love in this way, the author experienced two kinds of fate of their website frame and no frame, first need to frame hide Taobao customers to promote links, website ranking is K one hundred and eight thousand, and later used the framework, the website for about a month, then restore the ranking. Nonsense not say, direct method, the frame is used a piece of code, as follows:

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