By business manager a letter to a long pain or short pain

you know, a good website is not a short duration of time practice, he will spend a lot of effort to the administrator, the analysis from the beginning of the industry, the user search habits analysis, keyword selection, structure design, page design, add the following content layout and content, the construction of the chain, and after.

remember a good network optimization team orders, played a tagline: "an industry only do a website, never pick second". At that time I don’t quite understand the meaning of this sentence, I now understand, it accords with the principle and development of horizontal vertical development, while the Shanghai dragon is a vertical development of the product. In an enterprise is a corporate website, make it stronger, but not fast Qiuwen, stability is the foundation for the development of.

the end of the year, some Shanghai dragon ER ahead of the resignation of home, the company colleagues grab to the ticket to go home, do not know how many webmaster friends not to "grab" the ticket. At the new year, we are doing at the end of next year’s summary and outlook, I was no exception, however, in addition to do their own younger brother, also complimentary of the majority of enterprises Mister a letter, not gifts (if it is not pay New Year’s call gift to the gift, but oh) is a small brother and you would like to tell the truth bar:

: a long pain — when the vicious spiral

two: short pain – Wenzhongqiusheng is king

if you are a Shanghai dragon ER (whether it is a bird, or a rookie), will hear this sentence when the enterprise interview or other occasions: "now do Shanghai dragon so much, not afraid to find people". Yes, with the Shanghai dragon industry to remove the mysterious veil, more and more Shanghai dragon "talent" into the community, to seek development, the scope of choice for enterprises with a lot, before a change "the status quo is hard, things to hope for your Shanghai Longfeng post treatment also decreased. Remember a few days ago a friend wrote an article called "Shanghai dragon payroll, your tears?", 2000-3000 treatment really vulnerable, can not tear? (Note: not the boy in this show their low wages, this is decided by the market)

has already become business executives lingering nightmare, do not break, don’t do it, give up the network platform is undoubtedly a hundred-percent Dutch act brandished a knife, the chicken ribs, this is also a long pain.


so we don’t turn to see these 2000-3000 yuan a month in Shanghai Longfeng ER out of the site optimization for enterprises to bring much return, often in the webmaster forum and the group to see everybody in Tucao, keywords off, ranking no, the site was K. And do not say these people have the ability to restore the site, even if can restore the waiting time is elusive, so all over again, a station is not insurance, do a few stations, do business executives, is not such a vicious spiral to haunt you

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