Google PR value update again from the PR or any clouds

believe you again to see Google’s charm and unpredictable, although in this day, Shanghai Google love together a drastic change, but in view of love has been in Shanghai many times the case not normal, we have been accustomed to, so, here, we mainly want to say is Google, a few the station most of the rise, but there is also a small PR value of small drop, but also reasonable, just change the PR value, believe that will give you some inspiration, especially some new sites PR value jumped to 6 from 0, also has changed from 0 to 3, which also shows some features of Google PR the. Here, the author through the observation of the situation, summed up some of their own views.

many portals, including xinhuanet贵族宝贝, Dayang, social network and so on to dozens of portal PR is reduced, most directly from the 8, 7 straight down to 5,6, I think this is normal, the portal is selling too many links, will naturally lead to Google’s attention, and some stop by buying links to improve the weight, part of the station also appeared reduced the PR value, this is mainly because of the purchase of the PR value decreased portal brings negative effect, which is as you can understand.

: the first Google PR update, and will not affect most of the websites of Shanghai love >

second: new sites as long as well, the PR value rise is not difficult to

Compared with the previous Google

Google PR value of the update again, that will cause everyone’s attention, then, after the Shanghai dragon optimization direction we may change, or some fine-tuning, this also shows that Google has never given up Chinese market. The PR update, have the following views:

: the first lot of portal PR value reduction of

to the railway station, stingy, the PR value update, many new sites have the PR value, and is not low, the author established a station for four months, is a new domain name, but this update, the PR value directly from 0 liters to 3, I also saw some stations directly rose to 4, the most powerful is known as the 28, directly from the 0 step is 6, which shows a bit, as long as serious to do outside the chain, high weight, Google will treat you, from the 28 push those powerful outside chain effect can be seen to.

There is a station

the author, for some reason, leading to the site is the only content update, outside chain for a long time to do, Links is a lot less, the PR value declined, according to the observation, I found that many stations also appeared PR from 2 to 0, there are several stations I know better the station, because of that Google will not be updated, there is no corresponding chain links, YAHOO little, has maintained a 250-260 fluctuations between the decreased from 2 to 0 for everyone is very normal.

third: the chain of long-term changes and less easily reduce the PR value.

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