With the stick in exchange for a good harvest site

2) to exchange Links:

for the love of Shanghai engine love continually find new things in the various types of website, if your website just copy others can do it, I believe that love Shanghai for users has no appeal. Because see all the same things. Especially a new station ready to start, the original content is essential. Original content is most likely to make the website visitors to become loyal customers. Some students will take the false way to accomplish this indicator. However, we have not found that love did not change before Shanghai does have a lot of pseudo original station row on the home page, but after the pseudo original content after it will not come back, because it is irrelevant, but in order to complete the purpose of pseudo original webmaster. Therefore, here to remind you, readability in the pseudo original should pay attention to the content, this will increase the user experience in order to retain customers’ footsteps".

site should be the new owners the mind, especially the first contact with the business of the internet. Want to do this type of standing today, sleep at night and want to do another type of station. In constantly changing web site templates, title (title), key words, description of every day is different. Do only advantage is to make their own good, but will make the search engine is very unhappy, because every time you go to the "home".

1) to write original content:

believe that the new website, hope that their website at once to have a good ranking. Honestly, this possibility is very small, unless in the new build started to spend lots of money to buy all kinds of chain weight high or someone on behalf of, write, etc.. There are many new owners hope that through their own efforts to do the website which is as full of sound and colour, a head of the glory. That we should do in order to put the new sites do? Here to tell you a concept, that is the only constant "adhere to the" to do this thing.

The You can go to the specific

3) on site location:

new sites began to change Links basically is some weight lower or is just beginning to build the new station, Like attracts like. believe that all the people will understand Birds of a feather flock together.. However, owners also need not be discouraged, because of a high weight station also came from the railway station, only need to adhere to change every day, and then through the webmaster tools to check chain is normal, there is no cheat chain phenomenon, other site in a K station and other information, and timely treatment. Friends of the chain to delete or exchange every day should have a certain proportion, but not for a long time does not change, a change change or delete a pile of a pile, so tell me invisible love Shanghai ", and" cheating should be fixed quantity to update. Just do it every day, slowly will find some of the high weight of the station began Links were willing to exchange. Of course, if you want to get some high quality chain can exchange platform (station) to buy.

stick from the following aspects:

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