The meat off road Taobao Links may be a double-edged sword

! !This paper from the analysis of Shanghai dragon

cream what brand is good webmaster -贵族宝贝yanshuang.tianyamm贵族宝贝.cn/ please keep the site address! Tonight is thirty, I wish you in the new year – the year of the rabbit "to attack, in the strive for further improvement, don’t wait! And I wish the A5 boss figure king and overtime A5 small make up a happy new year, thanks to the early

because he was doing before the QQ site, although now want to change the sales website Taobao customer class, but still have a majority of QQ websites! Actually optimized QQ class key is more challenging! Take the secondary keyword QQ flashing head or QQ network such sad words to say. We usually don’t know! Pay attention to your keywords, take these two words for the top two pages of the website are the basic top-level domain. Links should be doing more, some can do about fifty! But this is actually more dangerous, not every one of the lucky owners to do this Links can top three numerical rank the top! More may be site to the home, love to you in Shanghai serious drop right, or one year after this! This is why? Not to say that the longer the higher the weight of the site

Hello, I’m your old friend’s meat! Often removed from the A5 forum, rourou4116 account is welcome to the A5 forum to play with me! Think about some of their own views on a small site in Shanghai Longfeng today! Is used Links, because Links may be a double-edged sword Links do! Less likely ranking will be stable in a ranking, but when you change every day Links but there will be a stable position, sometimes it rushed to a higher position, but then suddenly fell and unable to get up after a fall. Why? And listen to the decomposition of

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actually I analysis of the reason is Links is a two-way link, there are many uncontrollable factors! For example and change your link to sites due to the large-scale acquisition by serious drop right, or his station excessive exchange links be right down, which is also implicated in you. But this is very difficult to find the factors you or analysis, thus linked to your site, make your home page key word for depressed! But instead, do less Links, such as control in less than ten, so you have enough experience to analyze your partner. Then do some one-way links to your links (such as blogs, forums, Links platform), this link is a problem even if the website won’t even be K linked to you! But the keyword ranking but the lack of competition! I have been using the latter, abandon the competition and retreat so steady! My eye blog ranking has been a stable! But it is hard to surpass disadvantages Genghen resources stronger competitors than you! You can’t eat it! This is my current operating Taobao customer experience

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