The webmaster will know forum signature six mistakes

forum signature is currently Shanghai dragon Er using up to a site outside the chain increase, low threshold, quick, is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er just begin to contact the Shanghai dragon is from outside the chain, I also started from the outside of the chain, following by Berlin and share six misunderstandings in Beijing Shanghai Dragon forum signature hidden:


error three: update time

error four: signature

forum signature has various display modes, can add anchor text directly, also directly add hyperlinks, also directly add URL and text >

pseudo original filled the Shanghai dragon forum post content is very important, if your signature is all message and is a popular message like: "hard, make a good post, etc." this sentence messages tend to concern this way lead to the chain of posting your weight and included odds is very small, and the loss rate is very high, because today you top posts may be a few days in dozens of pages, the page weight you will be reduced, resulting in the collection will also be deleted Shanghai love. In terms of content if you carefully release every post increasing the quality of posts that will make your post weight increase and the audience love you post basically will inherit most of the weight.

ER in Shanghai Longfeng released the chain of love to webmaster nets, A5 forum and so on the more famous forum, but is always around the release in these sites, the chain range is very limited, resulting in once a website account was blocked or banned, the site outside the chain loss rate will exceed 1/3. This often leads to the site to drop right, so the website chain must be widely, not outside the chain of your site by several site control.

error five: the effectiveness of

A misunderstanding: the winning number A lot of

error two: the content of the post

novice Shanghai Longfeng when Er forum signature every day to send the chain, but with an update as long as the overseas chain change radically, but whether it is mixed up or down the basic site will be right down, so the direct result of Web site keywords ranking has changed a lot as a result, the site is not stable, so in every day hundreds of the chain at the same time be not to win the number it will cause your hair falling too fast.

one of my friends in the forum signature this is a typical example of a hair every day when he has time, post and the top post in about 500 or so, have no time a month will not send a post, causing the site rankings are constantly doing the roller coaster movement. This problem is very serious, and it is emphasized Shanghai dragon Er execution problems every day, not too much, every day dozens of good, the key is you want to improve the quality of reader’s interest to

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