The local search engine and personalized search

explained before we see the classified information website, when you open the market or similar to the 58 sites, open will automatically jump to the IP in your city, for example, 8684 other sites such as SouFun are the same, the more obvious regional service network station, provides automatic judgment to regional take the initiative to provide the corresponding service function. It saves lots of query time, more accurate to the most effective content delivery to visitors in front of.


mainstream websites offer better user experience in work, as the flow at the entrance to the search engine, there is no reason not to carry out reform, and reform it will be greater, develop and change on Internet habits more lasting and more strong. A personalized search engine search, then put forward the slogan for a long time before, may be due to technical problems and user habits, promotion is not very strong, but there is no doubt that it is the future development direction of search engine. This is what

high for a long time did not write the text, see the recent regional teacher Cardiff proposed search topic, due to participate in the discussion of more practical, and not talk about the phenomenon in nature, so today try to regional search this topic.

In addition

will only need to register an account of the search engine, such as love Shanghai, love Shanghai after registering a ID and landing, search for you will be recorded and analyzed, for example, is what website you click, which means that these sites may be better for you to use, what sites you visit a long time, click on the PV more, the information search engine to determine the user’s preferences. At the same time, the user registration information, the search engine will be used as the basis of judgment and analysis, such as the user’s age, gender, region, occupation and other information, is crucial to show a reasonable serp. Of course, how to judge the information analysis, and how to grasp the information sorted according to the results of the analysis, is a very complex process, at least for now is still not completely solve the problem.

search traffic statistics tool engine can also become an important basis for data analysis, of course, although love Shanghai and Google have developed traffic statistics, but has refused to admit it will affect the search results, in fact this.

to participate in the discussion of the post, see an article on a website in my case, search for "Shanghai dragon" keywords in Hefei, I had to be on the front row of Shanghai dragon blog. Of course, this phenomenon I think everyone will often encountered, such as keyword search, hospital property, weather and so on closely with regional contact, there will be some sites in your city, in this case we had to. However, we don’t talk about the phenomenon and say, search engine how to distinguish regions and provide regional search? In fact, this is only part of the personalized search. In the future, there will be more in the form of search experience launched.

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