Novice webmaster laugh five elements at the website included

can not be a chain of

fifth, JS flash

third, the chain site has certain

space can often dropped

if you think.

website is the webmaster has been concerned about the issue, some site of Shanghai dragon, with a reasonable update, with appropriate promotion, there will always be a good collection, but for some, the search engine only included home or rarely included in this page, what is the reason to? That included bad would directly affect the long tail traffic sites, but also affect the weight of the website in a certain extent, based on this issue, I summarize several key points of attention own website optimization, hope to have the help to everybody.

, to avoid internal optimization

second, update not rule of

website has no external links, then the search engine spiders will crawl to our website, the index will not ", not to mention the recording and snapshot, therefore, want included, you need to submit your site to search engines, to do some outside chain. The method is very simple, love to know Shanghai or Post Bar, or some high weight forum to post, usually several posts can be introduced into the spider to crawl the site. If you don’t want to register an account, can also be achieved through the purchase of GREE, is a good way, only a very short period of time can make a web site included.


I have a profound experience to express this view, always love post in the forum, I hope Shanghai can bring love and included some outside the chain, beginning also included, but after a period of time, found many posts are not included, or even be included, are not counted as external links, search engines know many webmaster posts in order to sign, is artificially ranking, therefore, weight adjustment is very low.

The The Fourth,

I summarized a method, that is to buy the two space, often do a backup, if you find a space to open is not normal, the domain name to another space, if recovered, give back analysis. The two space, is a major, faster, and the poor can spare a little, as long as you can open on the line. Because sometimes the space problem is very slow, often a day can not solve the problem, not to do so.

if the search engine used to update the speed and frequency of you, then you must keep this frequency, for new sites, it’s weight and trust is very low, there may be one or two accident caused the snapshot and is not normal, plus the website is in the study period, so careless. Sometimes the search engine response is very sensitive, such as frequent updates of the original, if occasionally a collection of several articles, then included will be affected.

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