Optimization of road how many webmaster do count

third, go to the IDC class review website to get information. With two strokes than before, this is a little less, because the information obtained is subjective, a lot of people is not easy to distinguish the good from the bad, I still put it here for everyone.

three, website optimization over

, on the site planning without good location

two, host selection failure

this is not.

The birth of

sites have to rely on space is the fact that the independent server nature because of its high cost multiple virtual hosts, but the current market has led many new hosts, million net net in China also has a ixwebhosting host, such as foreign host. Many owners do not know how to choose, often in a hurry to buy after there will be a lot of problems. In fact, there are many ways to solve this problem, here I offer a few strokes:

second, Internet users to listen to those voices, they used will naturally have some feelings. For example, the new owners of the site optimization do not understand some will go to the forum, like learning how to choose keywords, cPanel control system using the host, there are a lot of optimization knowledge. The user’s voice is very important, but also an important standard to choose.


first, the most direct way to their official website to view the information and customer service consulting. Now is the information age of online communication is free, as the host website directly into the new network, the ixwebhosting Chinese foreign official website. Understanding on the official website of things are authoritative, an important reference standard.

search engine is destined today in this station throughout the high streets and back lanes in each station, thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers they could write a history of their blood and tears. Here is the joy of success, there is a sad story, every webmaster is a good tutorial to the next station. In the law of the jungle society, the competition is very intense, in the optimization of the road how many heroes bow. There are usually what lessons can be learned from the

here I have a habit, no matter what the station built first to develop a solution. This scheme as the building drawings is indispensable, to give their website good properties, the development direction of selected title keywords, and future optimization etc.. Do not ignore this step, a simple example can illustrate the importance of this. Many people have changed the title keyword, it is because the original site did not consider the overall cause now is not suitable for. But many webmaster in site after major surgery, light snapshot stagnation ranked decline, while the website is down right and be K. The direction of the website planning is directly related to the site towards the future, if there is no good planning, the content of the site will be very confused, not a theme from the user experience is poor. So, the first step for many webmaster is not the way, causes the hero do yield point.

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