How to display with the search engine stand idea chain

This paper consists of Midabai

3: Sogou station idea submitted

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1: fell in love with the sea station chain ideas submitted to

in the first half of this year the sea station chain ideas began to appear inside the stage, most of the normal display are well-known sites, high authority site. But in July 12th, Shanghai launched the love Webmaster Platform exchange ideas with station chain function platform gold, this is a green audit channel, the premise is site must be verified Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, as long as the quality is good through the content of the site can be. This is not a long wait for the general site to collect the mail inside love Shanghai. Love the sea station chain idea display results generally appear first position a brand word, other positions do not offer display.

2: good idea to submit


short, station is the main chain of ideas of the user experience a display effect, can better cope with the future development trend of Shanghai love / search / Sogou search engine, can the protection of the site name, brand and trademark, prevent some cry up wine and sell vinegar site for brand flow more. Have the idea to be with the sea station chain and other search engines you sure of the value of the site, in the evaluation of the value of the site is particularly high. The site chain website structure definition, website bounce rate, click rate is closely related to the site.

network chain search station chainSogou

station idea chain is a kind of display Mini links, as early as 09 years of Google has launched the Sitelinks display, but in the major search engines in China are still no large-scale use, but with the love of Shanghai, good search, Sogou search engine on the user experience of the investment one after another, the station launched the idea chain, site sub chain to enhance the authority website greatly, more reasonable to help users browse the site, increase site traffic and user experience is just one step away. How can you have the site sub chain showing the effect of

station idea chain is currently not officially launched this function, Sogou Webmaster Platform in its also can not find the existence of function, estimation is the inner stage Sogou inside, but in the search results has appeared the function display. Most of these sites belong to the well-known / authority sites, small and medium-sized site has not yet found a similar display. This display is also for the first position is of a certain brand of words, other positions do not offer display.

good idea search station early last year has been open chain, whether it is enterprise sites, personal site or industry site can pass their search in Webmaster Platform added their own personal site sub chain, the prerequisite is a key to your site must be ranked first appear standing idea chain, other position can not display.

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