Seven webmaster is not the same as the pseudo original source material


e-books, e-books or periodical subscription industry, this article not only with their promotion Keywords high correlation and itself has very strong readability. Write false original article through excerpts, comments etc..


to download their related documents, the best is a compressed file, because the search engine can be included in word, PPT, PDF, txt and other types of documents, and can not directly copy the PDF document can also download, search engines such as PDF document image processing, can also use the tool to convert this PDF document into text.

foreign language translation

many webmaster do false original article, directly to the Baidu, noble baby, soso search a few articles to modify together. This is currently the most Adsense material sources. I’m not that bad, at least this pseudo original becomes more difficult. Because no matter how you change, these search engines too much, repeat something more difficult to achieve the original. How they are friendly to you? The webmaster can ask to find material from where? The water brewing wine, pseudo original articles are the same, only to start from the source of the write high quality pseudo original article.

pseudo original Download

look for industry related books, down with the scanner, and the tool to convert the image into text. General books most of the contents are not circulated on the Internet, if you can find more old books is better, one hundred percent of the original.

, a source of material from the source:

3. documentBy

4. books, Journal

collected 5. comments

domestic search engine or love Shanghai alone big situation. Love Shanghai webmaster must make good use of foreign language translation to do. You can go to the foreign website search your site related information, and then use the translation tools translated into Chinese, so that the one hundred percent is the original article, but should pay attention to check the Chinese, good reading experience.

recently love Shanghai included large fluctuations. Many owners included overnight from tens of thousands of out, update the article webmaster hard day and night for this? Many owners become angry, manic! But webmaster friends have to think carefully about the problems of their own website where what? I refer to multiple included large fluctuations in the website painstaking analysis, draw the conclusion: the original website content! Here I come to talk about how the site do love Shanghai friendly false original! This article about false original article source material.

books industry

collect comments to some of their own high weight website to collect industry authoritative articles related to these comments, the general comment on the relative dispersion, but.

two, seven pseudo original source material, to help you no longer worry

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