Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis Six misunderstandings in the promotion of new enterprises

Shortly before A large collection of pseudo original

A5 station network in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team often encountered in time to the enterprise site diagnosis, many enterprises in the new content of what haven’t perfect situation already in the external promotion, website in search engines and even the title is not the most basic content of the web site optimization, also don’t do how can such a site, by the favor of search engine? The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/ Shanghai zhenduan/ Shanghai dragon dragon) and everyone of the enterprises under the new promotion in the presence of six errors:


chain weight not heavy

promotion for a long time but no title


enterprise station in order to promote their products, case, often make the website dynamic, although the 26 love Shanghai love Shanghai update algorithm adjusted, seem to love Shanghai now more love dynamic URL, but not yet confirmed, but we preliminary observation only, therefore, now the new or the enterprise brief website URL, a pseudo static, pseudo static current search engine is still relatively short love URL.

enterprise web content has always been a headache for the webmaster, because of the particularity of enterprise station content become a problem, but it can’t be your direct acquisition, pseudo original reason, who all know that search engines love original content, especially for a new station, in the beginning you do not please the search engine, how can the website search engine’s favor, get good rankings

stand for the enterprise, do not need too much bread crumbs navigation useless, in the website promotion should first put the bread crumbs navigation website excess removed, do this, we can promote it in half, otherwise, you will find that for a long time after the promotion, but no improvement in the website what.

content is always website eternal topic, only know a bit about the webmaster understand that a new station is the most important content, the content of the website is not good, is anxious to do the promotion is not so talk, what meaning, therefore, the new enterprise first task is to enrich the content of the website.

< >

URL long dynamic


A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team encountered a website promotion after a period of time, but even the title did not ask, why do so long promotion but can not see what effect, let us help and see what happened, was dumbfounded, this website made three many months, search engines have also included a lot of content, but the website is even one of their own title did not ask, this website search engine and how to give you the

breadcrumb too much

content is not eager to promote the full

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