The process of locating the site optimization keywords should be through analysis of the details of

first, we must consider the mutual exclusion of keywords. The concept of mutual exclusion: if two are alive without any keywords relevance between them they are mutually exclusive row, also called. The author illustrates the writer, a corporate website consists of two main keywords is a security check tool, a tool is to eliminate the two function of the product itself, a check is computer information, one is used to remove the check out the information they are just like the relationship between the spear and the shield are mutually exclusive this time, if the user information search tool is to find security check check tools without the need to eliminate the tool. This time if we locate the site title keywords irrelevant existing mutex relationship that search engine will be based on the principle of relevance is very difficult to give an ideal ranking, the key word is the most common situation is the website set up several does not exist any relationship is often a word to get higher rankings and other keywords but does do don’t rank, the reason here.

third, continue to shape the brand keywords website. The ranking is a manifestation of the value characteristics of a product on the Internet the basic points of the one and only the core, which is why products from all walks of life are trying to build a brand’s sake, Shanghai Longfeng brand optimization is a key word optimization, if there is no brand key words, this time in your website and other websites for the user does not have any concern or the core selling point to attract, because the best reflects the brand is a selling point is the embodiment of the unique value of the products. Here the author mentions another key, it is best not to use Christine Fan’s words website name, for example if users to search the keywords of Xi’an Lantian jade, online everywhere on the keywords of the article, the user.

second, for the user’s contribution. The user contribution means that users in the search of the keywords and search for keywords related demand implicit. A personal site such as our own, users often search the main keywords of Lantian jade, they hope to understand the basic information in addition to the Lantian jade, Lantian jade and also need to understand the related such as Lantian jade, Lantian jade pendant, Lantian jade identification method etc.. The implicit demand hidden by the user search keywords related keywords that derived from Lantian jade is the main key words of the user, if we can grasp the user psychology, we can expand the user contribution, will enhance the site’s audience.


as everyone knows, website optimization process optimization title is very great for the website main keywords or long tail word ranking meaning, generally the most common web page title page Title Optimization and content optimization, the two is the first for the reasonable arrangement of website main keywords and key words, and the long tail word optimization is the key and foundation of the article page optimization, we should optimize the long tail keywords as a webmaster how to title for the content page? Well, we continued to enter today’s short gossip topic, and the author do a detailed analysis of what.

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