Why not grab love Shanghai snapshot of the Description attribute

third: there are a lot of reasons, we are writing, you know the " Description" the best attribute is written words, if is listed keywords ranking on the site will not be of great help, I feel this is the problem, I get it last time, I didn’t know " Description" properties do not list keywords, if a word is a word, only to let the search engine that is " Description" property, otherwise would not be included.

don’t know the webmaster met search engines not to " Description" attribute? I met a few times, was very puzzled, I do not know why, just think the search engine itself, later discovered that in fact it is not so, why are we now own website or our promotion way I specifically, hope to the Webmaster Help, recently discovered this problem, I hope that after the treatment can quickly normal, below this is the problem we look at the pictures.

This is not to grab the

second: the code is not the code, this is our own mistakes, this need not blame anyone, in general is a dynamic web site prone to this problem, the general is the background to write this label, but the do not call the general search engine to find the above paragraphs or charge in front of the text, we know that description must have keywords like this will have a very good ranking, if this problem occurs, the error must lie in us, we must be careful.


" Description" properties of the picture, that is to say, in fact, the correct " Description" property should be "construction sites in Harbin, Harbin website design, Harbin website design, Harbin website optimization and promotion, Harbin Shanghai Dragon Technology Network Company – Harbin station to provide website optimization Shanghai Longfeng promotion and technology platform" encountered this problem for the actual situation of website design, website does not have the basic ranking, when we first encounter such problems, so as to analyze.

fourth: Home > late

: why not grab the first search engine to " Description" attribute, one of the most important reasons is the error caused this property is not found, we may be due to irregularities caused by writing, may be less of a statement or the wrong end tag, when we write, it is written, then after us the discovery of early will be corrected, a great impact is generally not.

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