Love Shanghai update no difference and note the keywords anchor text is the key

anchor text link problem


keyword density problem

love Shanghai wide update when many site is down right and be K, which is down right or be part of a K webmaster can not accept the fact, because they think I have taken the establishment means are regular, never cheat any, why my site will be K? Let us look in an article I had seen in A5 in figure

webmaster tools to check the keywords diet pills, we found that the density of the keyword density in the page is five point six percent, meet the keyword density requirements, but we are in the next

anchor text is many webmaster in post content and building site links often encountered, but in the construction of the anchor text above is also a university asked, some webmaster when operating a website to think only a URL with anchor text words equally, one-sided and that this will increase the keywords.



from this illustration can be seen in many webmaster think love Shanghai banned are pure original site, and when the use of search engines love Shanghai will find "there is a lot of garbage sites, many webmaster to face this kind of situation has questioned the love of Shanghai. The main purpose of today I write this article to tell some Webmaster: May your site content is original, may you outside of the chain is stable, but there may be your K station because of the keyword density problem and anchor text links led to the problem, here we have these two aspects the problem with the talk.


there are many owners believe that their website is regular in the station, but there are some details you may not notice, the first is the keyword density, we look at an example you might understand why there are details of the keyword density:

we can find when we lose weight when the input keywords, keyword density is more than eight percent, and this is a reason to search engine drop right cause, perhaps many webmaster still wondering why I want to capture the search engine keywords? Let me talk about my views on the search engines keyword: search engines keywords on the web page for the analysis of spider crawling, but this time the search engine spiders may crawl to a few words, then he will be through the analysis of the content of the website and web pages, select 1 to two key words which are examined, if just the selected site keyword density is greater than eight percent, so that a search engine will think your site keyword density too high, there may be on your site will be right down, this is a The reasons for these seemingly normal website will also drop right.

We use

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