On improving the user experience of the website optimization five navigation to refine!

bottom navigation should put some of their own that column keywords necessary, such as contact us, disclaimer, copyright, do not set up, put the bottom navigation is a waste place, and there is no help for users and website optimization, try to think it is important to their need to repeat that, the content on the bottom navigation, search engine can tell what is the key, but also let the user can quickly return to the corresponding page to browse in the footer.

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will bring the bottom navigation, most have the bottom navigation is the webmaster to increase keyword density and prompts the user through the bottom navigation returns the corresponding column and setting, of course is not to say that the bottom navigation of website optimization, as long as the setting is correct, the effect is still there, so we should how do the optimization settings?

3, breadcrumb navigation

4, the bottom navigation

navigation must be able to tell the user what their columns is, at the same time not clear navigation conditions of their location also have an understanding, anyway, the main navigation is the site of the main key, also can let users remain on the site, so that is the first step must do website optimization well set the main navigation.

website optimization user experience has been the point, if the website user experience is not good, even if you’re ranked high, the conversion rate will be very low, find something a long time can not be found, but also how to trust your customer service, if browsing website, can not find the relevant content, user think this is not what he is looking for the website, will soon close the site, five navigation here, is to allow users to quickly find what they need, to improve the user experience.

The general procedure of

1, the main navigation

said Vice navigation, we all know that is complementary to the main navigation site, usually there is no side navigation, only on the site led to a picture of the case will be in the bottom and side navigation website.

2, deputy navigation

breadcrumb navigation in website optimization website status is not the main navigation, but its importance in the site can not be ignored, as we all know, the main site navigation is to switch between multiple columns page, including all two columns (columns, news products) and important website (single page optimization switching between pages), and breadcrumb navigation is mainly switching between two and three, home directory directory, such as home – News – News page, will every level in the anchor text to understand such a form, not only to enhance the user experience (the user will know you are at present the location, convenient user traffic), and a search engine search engine spiders crawl, also let you know the structure of website optimization website.


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