The site is simply that the long tail keywords

, a set of long tail keywords


1. in Shanghai as an example

"computer" is the word love Shanghai index every day is probably around 9000, if you are doing computer sale website, the word optimization requires much effort? Can bring you income and can be? Probably not, because the customer search "computer", and no subjective intention.

and other sites can be through a variety of answers, statistical tools to mining, to expand to determine the long tail keywords region, occupation, gender, season and so on, these not introduced. Of course, can also use love Shanghai index.

The following

long tail keywords. Search long tail keywords user goals more accurately, the conversion rate is also high, long tail keywords can extend the limitations of a wide and targeted, many potential visit waiting for us to explore the flow. So a web site to improve ranking, weight, customers must operate long tail keywords. How to operate the long tail keywords

2, main products on the website or the target keywords as the research object, by extension, to determine the long tail keywords. Be judged according to the subjective psychological needs of customers.



1, through the search engine drop-down box or related search to determine the long tail keywords. Regardless of which search engines in our search for a short term, the bottom will appear ten related search, and the ten related search is the best source of our long tail keywords. (Figure

although the daily love Shanghai index is only 100-200, but the optimization difficulty significantly reduced, users have the subjective needs, he is likely to want to buy a computer. So your conversion rate of natural increase.

make a comparison:

3, with a competitor’s site as the research object, look at each other is what operation keywords, their research and analysis.

An important remarkable index computer love No effect of

today I came to share the skills to do the long tail keywords. A site in the main product positioning, the main keywords, we can do long tail keywords.



long tail keywords that website and want to have very high conversion rate, it depends mainly on the long tail keywords. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er began this keyword index analysis is the degree of difficulty, what to do when the choice, had forgotten to do a website that is profit. But the main way is to rely on the profit conversion rate, and the rate of conversion of a website is mainly rely on the long tail keywords.


2. "long tail keywords try what computer"

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