The reason for the decline of articles included

from his website itself structure, chain, chain what no problem, the snapshot is normal, so I just took an article on his website content, from the inside to be copied some statements, found similar content very much in love with Shanghai a search, this shows that the repetition of the content high, belongs to the low quality of the original false or can be said to be copied. Figure:

you can see from the figure, this article does the quality is not high, and then I asked him how to replace the original false original article, he simply disrupt paragraphs and simple words, the pseudo original method from the start, the effect is very poor. Exclude the website structure, outside the chain, after a chain of factors such as, I concluded that the direct reason included his site is the continued reduction of low quality.



offbeat reason

on the other site


is the direct cause

included less but ranking good sites often is the case, you can through the webmaster tools to inquires the true love of Shanghai.

as a webmaster, the most concern is the collection and keywords ranking, but the rankings included and not directly related to the keywords, because the article not included that what is the ranking? Today met a novice webmaster asked me questions like, he told me his website content included decreased also, I have a look at his content, the reason is very simple. So I took the webmaster website examples here just included some of the reasons for the reduction in the.

here maybe someone will ask, many websites are websites directly copy others, why the website is very normal? This would involve weight and height of the web site, compared to the high weight website, low weight website directly copy the article is tantamount to Dutch act. Because the initial weights of the high site also rely on high quality articles to accumulate the weight, the higher the weight of the engine is high credibility, the audit threshold is low, so the weight of the high site directly copy it is also very easy to copy, but this does not mean that after this, copy the article the long-term will cause the website weight is more and more low, finally low weight to a certain extent the page will be placed in the sandbox or directly removed.

in all aspects of excluded cases website changes there may be search engine problems, this situation I believe that the vast majority of the webmaster have experienced, some time ago also appeared in the K station, in the end is the search engine problem. In another case, the website included actually did not reduce, only by engine shut up, real or included in increasing every day, we can love the ShangHai Railway Station to query the collection station real tools. Figure:

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