Website optimization to calm small changes is very normal

loves Shanghai as long as an update, the webmaster mood swings, a few happy tears, some websites have small changes, the webmaster can go on tenterhooks, rush all the Webmaster Help forum. My website how, what work do not in place, why slipped, why the chain off, why the website included and fewer etc.. Chinese 8U small wateryuer with titanium reactor (www.weihaifanyingfu贵族宝贝) web site do stand experience analysis of website of small changes to the webmaster to cheer, as long as your site not illegal operation, small waves do not panic.

The second reason is that the information reproduced

. Like in the A5 Adsense nets such high weight website put a chain, published articles will be the webmaster network reproduced, so you do a chain of work on the harvest of the N chain.

in the forum to see some webmaster friends said website keywords I have been in love for Shanghai, love Shanghai updated suddenly from slipping backward a why. This phenomenon is very normal, the first railway station itself is not very stable, love Shanghai on it is still in the investigation stage, ranking fluctuation is normal. Second, love Shanghai big brother has now updated algorithm is not very stable, so that the site keywords ranking fluctuations are normal. Third, Shanghai love no one, Robin Li can easily manipulate it, let alone a little webmaster, just operate their own station see love Shanghai algorithm, so ranking tiny fluctuations to calm, not hung up.

: the first small changes in

third: the chain fluctuation

new website love Shanghai an update included fewer is normal, if not reduce or reduce has no problem, because the new site itself weight is not high, included fluctuations are inevitable. In addition, Shanghai will always love to integrate to have included page, may also be included a small reduction in love Shanghai included page found after the content of the page is not qualified, in the integration of information and then remove the page before included. So as long as you are in normal operation means to update some of the original article, love Shanghai naturally to your web friendly, will increase the chance of spiders included your site content.

keyword ranking

second: website trace reducing

chain to reduce the first reason is repeated on the chain of information. On the site outside the chain of information so as not to repeat, but it also inevitably. Love Shanghai for a repeat information to be integrated and then removed from the database, then there will be many sites outside the chain to reduce the phenomenon.


some owners really put their station when children in foster, carefully care, the chain fell carefully several view. The site is indeed to the webmaster care, but not to care, trying to grasp a certain degree of just perfect.

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