The three major search engine PK, which can be better

so, what is the difference between the major search engines? We take the three major domestic search engine as an example, a simple analysis.

love Shanghai position will lead to other search engine rankings, but the reason is not because of love is said to the Shanghai, but we met these search engines algorithm in the optimization of time. Although each search engine algorithm rules are different, but the general direction is pointing to the user search experience. This is to assess the customer more satisfied, but the most important thing is the market share.

as we try to apply the basis of site optimization to be perfect, love Shanghai last year continues to introduce new algorithm, the focus is mainly transferred to the content of the website and in the chain, Shanghai dragon in optimization of the most basic keyword, description settings, love sea gradually began to ignore it, or have no love for Shanghai it’s not as will focus on the details of the 360; and Sogou algorithm, for details of the optimization in the meta tag set or compare value, will be a reference factor as the theme of the site, the overall score.

1, the value of user experience.


we do not deny that now most enterprises in Shanghai dragon for the optimization of the love of Shanghai, but with the re division of the search engine market share, Qihoo 360 and Sogou status can not be ignored. A lot of good love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon said that as long as the other is optimization, search engine rankings will also increase. Indeed, the author Dennis his website, many website ranking is also consistent with this statement, but this is not an inevitable result.


3, for the website included the different mechanisms.

industry talk to Shanghai dragon optimization first thought is to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, as does Chinese market search engine boss, love Shanghai status allow all doubt. However, as we can not ignore the Shanghai dragon ER and new show of Qihoo 360 and the combination of sogou.

I do not know whether it is found, now love Shanghai included more slowly compared to before, the second almost become a myth of what. By reflecting some webmaster >.

2, for details of the optimization on different sites.

user experience is now all the search engine algorithm concerns, so the author Dennis tends to 360, in addition to the matching rule 360 will be included in the comments from the site itself optimization algorithm, based on the premise of factors that influence the interaction with the user is also ranked; then love Shanghai joined with the 360 evaluation. Similar is a focus on user attitude; and compared with the previous two major search engines, Sogou to good, like do not want followers, but praised the quick step of precise matching, also can best meet the user search experience.

Shanghai dragon Er

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