Why is my own customers return Shanghai Dragon

company in recent months have retreated before some customers, including health care, education and chemical industry etc.. And will all concentrate on the sales of car parking lock, parking lot facilities etc.. When the Shanghai dragon predecessors or chiefs transformation to provide training services, business related sites and products or do Shanghai Longfeng consultants, the company is how to change it? Please look at the following thinking and analysis.

Increase of

competition, one is Shanghai Longfeng knowledge more and more into the game player. For example, the company operating the parking lock, the 2011 national promotion manufacturers no more than 5, to 2013, there are at least 20 more parking lock manufacturers in Shanghai Longfeng, the degree of competition is greatly increased. Auto lock is a special industry, and medical products, a small team to deal with the rich medical company, most of the time is not.

small network company on site promotion, the survival pressure is increased sharply. Based on this situation, the author, after much consideration, the most energy into the promotion and sale of car parking lock products, so as to gradually return the non core customer orders.


and sales of products is not the same. I noticed a lot of peers, are in transition to do stand or do product. As the 1861 city network company’s operation of the real estate network, network, network and other facade of villa real estate website, the profit is far more than the site promotion software counterparts.

psychological pressure increase reflects the mood swings of the optimization in the search engine algorithm of frequent adjustment. As of July last year, grey black June, combat medical sites, combat hyperlink cheating and low quality sites etc.. Net >

two, competition and psychological pressure increase

, the pursuit of profit maximization

is currently the Shanghai dragon service is more and more bad, I believe this is the most and the voices of the team. As the city Changsha, large and small Internet companies and a team of more than 500, an enterprise site will generally choose 5 words, 2000 to optimize the price of 3000 yuan / quarter, up after it maintenance optimization. Small and medium-sized network companies are generally difficult to receive orders, but also no big strength. Many small teams are relying on this one day, had to deal with the frequent adjustment algorithm bring volatility to the ranking of the psychological pressure.

said the upper optimization, from unilateral, studio and personal network companies are to snatch customers. Often a $3000 construction project, after several rounds of peer competition, the price down to 1500 yuan, 600 yuan or even someone verbally gave the domain name space. While tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of large and small team is difficult to do down next, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the. In the low-end single profits too low, high-end single basically hopeless, in this vicious spiral, hard transformation of the author’s choice is reasonable.

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