How do earn $12500Pushing China how to make money through SNS promotion

is the first step of success: a monthly income of $150

1, registered friends. After successful registration, the more active users in the station plus friends, to enhance the popularity of ID in this SNS inside.

has been mixed up in the Warrior forum for several years, and has learned a lot in this forum, but has rarely been posted. Remember the beginning Wangzhuan, and everyone else, I have been confused and helpless. Now I’m in the field has been slightly higher, the average monthly income can reach $12500, lately I’ve been thinking about my success cause. The following will write out my experience, I hope useful to everyone.

further success: a monthly income of $12500

6, leave footprints under the tower. Many of the popular topics or topics that other people share are very high. So, it’s a good choice to take a sofa and make a small ad.

8, make good use of every useful component. When SNS is registered, you can open some useful components by adding components. Useful components can be divided into two categories, one is emotional interaction, for example, the stock market simulation, a move on him, friends trading, fishing, parking dispute, through these components can be slowly deepened with friends feelings, on the back of the promotion is very helpful. Another is to promote sharing classes, such as short blogs, diaries, records, posts, polls, and more


from 2001 to 2010, one of the hot words in the station has always been at the top of the shlf1314, even in front of the government web site. Without any maintenance, it can bring me $150 revenue every month. Until recently, I was able to stop the site because of the fact that the site was replaced, and the data provided by this site was out of date.

soon after, I find a niche in the market, this field has existed in many websites, information is not a lot, but on the user experience and evaluation of such information is very rare, and its advertising click price is very high, I think this is definitely a big field. Seeing some comments on the forums, I realized that being a user review site would be very popular. The ready-made CMS and WordPress plugins don’t do such a user review site directly, so I’ve written a program myself. Then I in this area is related to the website to promote my website, and the website SEO optimization simple, to ensure that the shlf1314 is included, and do some chain construction work for example, submit to the site navigation, etc., the web site traffic every day by > crazy

most webmaster’s steps are: looking for a suitable topic – setting up a website – writing articles around this topic. Unlike them, I focus on finding the way users search the web and how to solve them. The websites I build are unique and others can’t copy, and that’s why I don’t mind sharing it here.

3, update logs every day. Share with friends and groups and draw attention. In particular, provide some useful information that we are concerned about. The information within the SNS community can be shared only if it is accepted by the user, so as to achieve the purpose of communication.

4, hot vote. The SNS community has a basic function, that is, voting. We can launch a number of votes in SNS. On the one hand, it can be used for data analysis, and on the other hand, you can provide the station users’ attention to you.

how did I do that,

SNS is an aggregation of social networking, the more popular popularity SNS website kaixin001 and renren, happy net, watercress, 51, sh419, a large number of practice has proved that the SNS community has more viscous, higher trust degree, more effective power of reputation. Nowadays, users who play SNS are becoming more and more popular, and SNS marketing has become a force that can not be ignored in network marketing. Many large companies in Europe and America have demonstrated the successful practices of Internet operation on SNS. In fact, those useful attempts can be of value to any enterprise. Modern marketing, enterprises must try to master the Internet, the following for you to introduce some of the SNS marketing skills:

5, APP game promotion. At present, there are many popular games in SNS community, these games have contributed to the development of SNS to a certain extent. As a result, these games are very popular in SNS. It’s necessary to use these games to promote websites.

2 and join related groups. Like the group, through the search, apply to join a number of related groups with promotional products, such as: stock, foreign exchange, funds, stock index futures group.

I will provide some government data on the web, these data that is stored in the DVD, I put these data in the form of a web page on the Internet, and provides a search function, convenient for people to access. In addition, several simple pages are added, such as common problems, about us, etc., such a web site has been built. The site is so simple that it adds up to less than 100 lines of code. Then, I did some simple SEO optimization such as submitting to web navigation, plus Adsense advertising.

7, speculation worthy of users to share hot topics. Extrapolating from the theory of six dimensions, a compelling topic is shared in the SNS community and can spread to every corner of SNS. Hot topics in different industries should be published in the corresponding industry SNS share. This article source: push guest China

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