E-commerce practices in small and medium enterprisesAfter 85, online games entrepreneurs to abandon

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brand promotion use these moves, in July activities set down 500-1000 yuan,

small and medium-sized enterprises e-commerce practices 1 – website promotion methods

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The practice of e-commerce in small and medium sized enterprises

80% of the users in the habit of looking for the information they need through the search engine. Logging in to as many search engines as possible makes it easier for the site to be found by people in need.

A, registered search engine

in the major domestic and foreign search engine login.

1 skills: select keywords

choose the wrong key will allow you to cast to the wind. On the contrary, if you choose the right keywords, you can make the site traffic soared.The following are a few

if you think it is a waste of time ranking first in the "tour" of this phrase, and users get a large number of pages are often very easy to give up, not a single keyword targeted traffic, many users are aware of 2-3 phrases best combination, such as: Australia, Australia combination agent, agent of Australian Tourism

> is the reason: YAHOO

in 2002, when the peer is still asking parents for pocket money, the 15 year old Li Zongxin made the first personal website – Xuan city, began its first venture. In 2003, he made a music download theme website and became one of the most popular websites in Hongkong. In July 2004, Li Zongxin founded www.yoho.hk, the daily flow of over a million people, among the best in Hongkong. The site gave him a lot of money.

"we finally removed the VIE relationship."." Li Zongxin says.

although Dongguan Shengsi scale is not too large, but it is worth noting that Chinese stocks frequently encounter credit crisis and Alipay in the overseas market, is outside of VIE mode about step toward reality.

in 2006, between the University and full-time venture Li Zongxin tangled, and ultimately chose the latter, to Guangzhou entrepreneurship. The creation of the company to become the Hongkong YAHOO search business partners, and the right to operate a NetEase classification in Guangdong Province, and eBay’s right to operate Guangzhou kijiji.

Dongguan Shengsi mainly to develop and provide technical service, involved in online games, the apple iOS platform, online advertising and other fields, which is coming to exchange for the Canadian National Stock Exchange Canadian National Stock Exchange, CNSX, stock code "CHD" mode for reverse merger, corporate mergers and acquisitions as a genius the World Investment Co. the company TSXV:GNW.H.

Li Zongxin involved in the online game industry in 2008, and its agent in Hongkong, "fine war", and found that the industry "profit model clear", there is great room for development. In May 2009, Li Zongxin set up a web game company in Taiwan Chinese, agents of the ninth city "Nine" legacy in Hong Kong and Macao operating rights, and the "mech warrior" the right to operate in Hongkong.

Li Zongxin was born on 1987, in Hongkong, has repeatedly used "youth entrepreneurship," is not an exaggeration to describe.

a lot of China stocks blocked the NASDAQ micro-blog as an open door to Canada Guangdong online business.

"it is expected that by July 13th, the application will be approved, and then will be based on the external stock market situation, apply for listing transactions." In July 5th, Li Zongxin, chairman and President of Dongguan Sheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. hereinafter referred to as Dongguan Sheng, told reporters that the company is expected to complete its listing in Canada this month.

won DigiPark Inc, a well-known online game developer in japan. The approval of Li Zongxin’s online layout draw a thick and heavy in colours. 2>

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