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platform and process for many investment chiefs, both PE and VC are willing to go, to start a new life, they would rather give up the aura of a large platform welfare and also seeks freedom.


why does blogging flow faster?


runs away from big names

two, making money with blogs, no pressure,

why does it happen that everyone will feel that way?

in its resignation letter, we can see that the reason for his resignation is "the pursuit of life value."".

blog reference and application address is: skyfa/chfhome/a/invitation/reg


GPLP Jun and many leaving chiefs dialogue found that their departure is basically a big platform for investment, will be subject to a variety of factors and influence, and their dreams and strategies can not be fully realized.

opens and clicks directly as shown in the following picture: "free registration to become a member", registration is OK, otherwise you will not find a registered place.

moreover, the complexity of investing in PE in China makes PE investment not always so satisfactory.


‘s pursuit of more value, including more discovery, value and value creation, is the common cause of the departure of many investment barons.

GPLP Teresa had no voice in "creation Zhou Wei VC2.0 curtain opened the interests of investors have a flow of heart" among VC bigwigs described the reason of the resignation is "background of the VC2.0 era, when the RMB funds began to rise at the moment, there is no right to speak of the investment world, and still struggling as a solo."

generally speaking, do it in China before 2017

like a good capital Liu Erhai from Jun linked capital turnover, he has publicly said, the new fund with the previous biggest difference is that the size of the new fund investment decision is relatively smaller, faster, many projects may 1-2 day to discuss the decision, but before Junlian this big platform, there are a lot of people participate in the decision-making process.

1, blogs are basically free, not cost

PE chiefs.

why do you say that? First of all, the blog is free to use, unlike their own web site, to spend money to register domain names, buy space and maintenance. Doing a website is a long process. If you can’t keep it up, you will easily give up, and your investment will be wasted. Your previous work will be done by someone else. Because of your name or the expiration of space you renew it, others will be registered, the front of your work for nothing. And blog is different, once registered, will be free forever, unless the site closed down, but this possibility is very small. Second, blogs don’t need much technology, and you just need to be as simple as writing logs in space. It’s not as hard to make as a web page.

many people want to make money through the Internet, but making money online is a very abstract concept. In brief, there are many ways to make money online. Some are simple, some are complex, others are free, others require investment. Isn’t that free? Not much money, isn’t it?.

why so many investment chiefs suddenly leave, and then pursue the value of life? Let us and follow GPLP Jun together to find the answer behind.

investment chiefs resignation tide continues, as Mr. GPLP released "Confessions of a PE practitioners: after I and more friends why choose to leave PE ring", leaving another investment chiefs to verify the GPLP Jun judgment.

shares with you today is mainly how to make money online with your blog. What are the benefits of blogging,

in July 1, 2017, Wang Hao, founder and managing partner of Jing Lin investment, released a letter of departure in the circle of friends, announcing that "today is a special day, a new journey, a new beginning".

now, all kinds of blogs are large and small, and they are free of charge. We can start making money as long as we have a simple registration. But to remind you, although blogs can be used to promote, but not every blog is good. Because some blogs do not support advertising code, this can make our revenue very affected. Here, we recommend that you use the blog, blog, bus, cool cool blog and shlf1314 Blog these. Because they all support custom advertising code, this allows us to put a variety of ads on our blogs for revenue. However, said today that the recommended method is simple to make money not a wonderful blog, it is Tianfeng blog. This blog is the partner of shlf1314, the registered blog can put GG advertising, but also particularly easy to apply for GG account, the station with their own website for many unsuccessful in Tianfeng web blog application, there are about 20 articles on the line.

The same is true of big


, born short, in the vast universe and long history, how to do more meaningful things in life? When experienced people around, after the middle-aged people to die, I suddenly found the step such as the age of 40, I am looking for what? Where is the value of life

three, blog traffic is faster than websites,

The decision mechanism of

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