Terrible after 90 nternet Co ignored generationCan you do Taobao guests by chance

common guest promotion means are the following: the forum, blog text; SEO IM attract directional flow; mass promotion links and so on, either way, are diligent efforts to return operation. But now I found a kind of offbeat promotion way – "chicken eggs by" method, the specific operation is to set high commission products in the Taobao customer alliance, obtaining his promotion to attract other Taobao customers link to promote, but in fact he did not sell products, put on their own Taobao passenger link in each of the products described below in this way, others worked hard to attract traffic in vain do the wedding dress for others". A similar way: pick a few popular products in Taobao, the relevant information and pictures copied to their own shops, set a very low price, so buyers in the use of Taobao search by price when it is easy to see this sort of "high quality and inexpensive" shop, and his product introduction page leave the guest is Taobao promotion link……


this stupid retouching software has 120 million users, the core user base is still 90. From Mars converters unexpected chance success, to make a product after 1 years for this group, in the face of users also rising, Wu Xinhong is the most direct feeling is: like nobody has ever done for them like products.


from 2012, every year nearly 7 million or 90 college students will walk out of the campus and become the most potential freshmen consumption force." This report describes, "as growth in Internet generation, 90 new consumer groups have many features of its own, it will have profound influence to the enterprise marketing environment including the Internet aspect."

in early May, the post-80s entrepreneur from Xiamen talked about it at our Crystal Orange Hotel Hangzhou Westlake lobby in Beijing, Jianguomen. He does not deny the first version of Meitu Xiu Xiu is very rough, but 90 will not like a professional person to do IT or white-collar workers as "scold you this is a waste product". On the contrary, they are very tolerant of products, will "online message" encouragement, and thank you have such a product to meet their needs".

zero consultation to the publication of a data show that the country’s 90 million people, about 140 million, accounting for about 11.7% of the total population. In 2011, CMI campus marketing research institute and the new media jointly issued a report "under the Internet 90" hereinafter referred to as "after 90 report". They give this print data is, at present Chinese University more than 29 million of the children are mostly 90, in school 4 years, the annual consumption of at least up to 300 billion yuan.

, a generation ignored by Internet Co,

using Taobao Taobao customer is not fresh, too early to understand in the articles are introduced, but the way they use are their own shop orders, and then through their own Taobao customer links to buy related products, which belongs to the "semi automated operation". While the above examples entirely to unearned "automatic acquisition Commission", the effect is not ideal: the first is the problem of credit, buyers into the Taobao custom shop, but also found himself copying a new web site to enter the real purchase page, it is easy to suspect is to abandon the purchase of Internet fraud, virus; secondly there is no price advantage, joining Taobao customers to promote the alliance product price will certainly be improved, originally attracted by cheap buyers came to your shop, see is not cheap price, will give up to buy to find other low price shops; third is a thankless, by this way do Taobao off also, need to spend some time to set up the relevant product information, I have seen a person set up thousands of products in his store, left All of them are Taobao promotional links…… And the turnover is only 2 poor pen…… If he put these energies in the normal promotion above, will certainly get good promotion performance. I hope my friend will keep my link jfbest when you reprint the article. Thank you. Retain a little more, twice as good luck, more than one word of mouth, a step closer to success.

Meitu Xiu Xiu founder Wu Xinhong is a 90 user "deal" for Entrepreneurs: 4 years ago, he made an application tool "Mars converters in 3 days" the Chinese characters converted to obscure text, did not do any promotion in the case of only one year they brought the appointment of 90 users. When doing this product, he did not want to make money, after pushing out, it is difficult to find a profit model. But in the face of a huge amount of users, Wu Xinhong thought of the original user conversion to a relatively clear, still profitable direction for a product in this population, so there is a later Meitu Xiu Xiu.

was born in 80s, Meitu Xiu Xiu founder Wu Xinhong, focus for the younger age groups are 90. In order to get closer to the user base, he and his team talk face to face with each other every once in a while.

, the next wave of Chinese Internet owners, will be these very smart but very inclusive young users. What are their characteristics,


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