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entrepreneurs need to choose the right partners, which is one of the most important and difficult decisions. Because a good idea is not enough, someone else can do it together. Entrepreneurs often want their partners to have the same vision, complementary skills, and respect and appreciate each other. This entrepreneurial partner met on the way, you can let yourself through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

not everyone can find like-minded friends together without the entrepreneurial university, what can you do? I remember a few years ago, I to the circle of friends sending e-mail, trying to find with technology and product experience of friends to try the real estate business. And in this way I met Matt, my future partner, and Nestio’s product director.

would be a good choice to work with close friends, family members, or past colleagues. Everyone is familiar with each other, so the division of roles and responsibilities in the work becomes correspondingly simple. We can communicate in a frank and effective way, which will maximize the role of each other.

circle, there are many people responding to the demand, and you need to take the time to identify which ones are suitable for deeper collaboration.

how to find partners in the process of entrepreneurship, the following suggestions may provide you with some help.

Yipit’s CEO and co-founder Vin Vacanti have shared some of their personal experiences on this topic. He and Ji>, another founder of the company

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– top ten keywords are: MP3, , BNB, Dao Lang, BT, Guo Jingjing, and mice love rice, divorce and soldier China ambush legend

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this by 80 million users for 365 days without a secret ballot keywords list shows Chinese objectively focus on Internet users in 2004. Because the collection of Internet users to some extent reflects the public opinion.

"Dao Lang" will not feel the slightest accident, because Dao Lang in 2004 "fire" even he did some rather baffling one even wrote, "Dao Lang: a snow of 2004 the most confused."

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, sharing ideas with other people in the circle, sharing some of your own plans may help you find like-minded partners.

and Matt met for the first time, we soon became good friends. But after two years of familiarity, we decided to start a joint venture. In the meantime, Matt introduced me to his former colleague, Mike, and now three of us work together.


looking for partners is not an overnight thing, looking for the process takes time. Even so, it is unwise to rush to choose an unsuitable person for cooperation.

Timehop team, the Jonathan Wegener and the Benny Wong, are a good example. They met each other in the first year of Columbia, and the two became good friends. In graduate studies, they chose different professional directions, but remained close friends with each other, and also worked together on small projects. Last year, the two officially created the Timehop. The complementarity between the two is very strong, and with seamless communication, their cooperation is enjoyable.

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