Webmaster growth note six pay attention to sporadic keyword search


wrote a little happy, the last two days of the site traffic over the past few days, there are a lot of improvement, the two days of IP and PV even hit a new high recently, PV breakthrough website construction to a new high yesterday! Don’t waste their hard for three months on, had the weekend to write because, some operations and harvest individuals that are very important things, could not help but to share with you in advance.

last said, part-time search engine without keyword source, every day is very scattered search volume, then feel regret, but today seems to suddenly feel this is a kind of lucky. Although a popular keyword can cover all the traffic of my fragmented keyword, it gives me another idea of what I’m going to do next. Currently do not focus on popular keywords, which day search engine aware of the importance of my site, I think I do not have to deliberately SEO, hot keywords will be ranked well. Do not do hot keywords, then should make unpopular keywords.

unpopular keywords better than popular keywords do a lot. Keywords hot competition is very large, especially for a PR is not high, the weight is not high for the station, to compete with so many sites, you do not have any advantage, is tantamount to throwing. So, for a station like ours, we should steer clear of it. Do the popular keywords and content, the flow will not inferior to a popular keywords bring traffic, how to do it? I have no experience, I just share some of my thoughts, and I will also go to practice, the effect will share with you.

, I think you’re going to do the following things:

, you need to analyze your access logs, see what search engine search keywords to search to your station, then take a look at these keywords ranking, the most general station, the search keyword ranking may be mostly behind, although behind, or can be found, it is in front of the information that may not fit for him. Since someone comes to visit your station, no matter how he searches it, you need to use your customer experience to capture them firmly, which is called customer experience.

two, this is my own out of practice experience, every day you have to update the site, there is more information, there will be more search keywords, no content do not search for the new website, you will never progress, once popular keyword ranking dropped, your site is basically paralyzed. Every time I update my snapshot, Baidu brings me the promotion on IP for 3 consecutive weeks. The traffic from Baidu is a breakthrough every week!


three, do a good job of keyword related content. The content of the web site to do some related keywords you may have unexpected results, when making headlines, you can combine search keywords, users will want to search some of what keywords, many stations are SEO Baidu K, it should be more about the user, without your soft SEO work done well.


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