Developers recommend creating ten usability skills for Flash sites

1. remember the user’s target

users often visit a site with their purpose, and each link, each click, conforms to their experience and guides them toward their goals.

when transmitting your page, you should let the key navigation links be loaded first – in case the user wants to move to other areas of the site. Imitating common user graphical interfaces often increases usability.

2. remember the purpose of the web site

website design should reflect the needs of the business or customers, effectively spread the main information and promote the brand. However, the goal of the site is best achieved by respecting the user’s habits, so the site structure must meet the needs of the user and quickly guide the user to its target, avoiding any company and regional jargon.

3. avoid unnecessary introduction of

Although the animations introduced by

are very exciting, they often delay the user’s access to the information they are looking for. We should often provide the user with a command or ignore introduced access to your home page, second times when they visit your home page, for all users should ignore the introduction of animation (using the JavaScript client to complete this function), then in the target page provided to return to the page select animation.

4. provides logical navigation and interaction with

·: ensure user navigation: display the last address that the user has visited and the next address that he is about to visit. Use the different colors of the link to remind them of the page they visited after the user has visited the.

· provides users with a link.

that easily jumps out of the part they’re visiting back to the starting point

· explicitly specify the location of each link. Ensure that the structure of the link and the visibility of the naming method are not hidden until the user triggers an event (such as a mouse move),.

· make sure that the button defines a good enough reaction area,.

· uses the features of the Flash stream to load the main navigation element.


· ensure that the navigation of the back button. In order to do this one can use the built-in browser forward and backward navigation system, Flash film logic is divided into several pieces and placed in a separate HTML page. As an option for the film Flash to build a back button so that the user can use it back to a contains a page or scene frame based on.

The coherence of

5. design

The best way for

to improve your site performance is user interface consistency. Reuse of element structures, design of elements, and naming habits will allow users to communicate to the site when directing their goals

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