Looking at the world trend on the risks of micro dealers

I like to study data, and I don’t like to listen to excessive marketing theory and dogmatism. According to the analysis of webmaster tools in January 11, 2015, the Baidu index for the term "micro quotient" has reached 13573. The more people search, the more people they represent, the more people they are interested in, the more people they represent. Micro business has become the next Taobao, Jingdong and other platforms outside a hot electricity supplier. So, what risks and opportunities can we bring to this market?


1, trend

I am a 80, seen before do self-employed street, also seen selling BB machines, DVD, red and white machine cassette, those are a group of people to become rich. I think if you were not born in the privileged class, really few people can do next. Do people may be afraid of the poor, timid, afraid of idle, to choose a day after the trend looks best in the industry. For example, when Taobao first launched, you may still be a college student or a nine to five worker, and no time and no energy to become a spokesperson for the times we missed. I always feel young should try more, middle-aged should seek breakthroughs, less money, less money, no time can be considered as a sideline, energy, such as milk, crowded, there will always be. Not because of personal lazy, only to regret it later.

2, rule

read the rules. In any profession, there is the 28 law, which means that 20% of the people in the society have 80% of the social wealth. I understand that 10 people into the same industry, only 2 of them make money, 8 people flat or lose money. Even if the stock market is booming today, the market has risen this way, but there are 43.5% of investors run the market, 25.2% of investors may be flat, only 31.3% of investors outperform the market. The meaning is, even if you enter the micro business the current hottest industry, there is still the risk of failure (the 8.). But if someone pointed to a piece of land and you say, here is the oil, buy a can not lose! So I can tell you, this phenomenon exists only in unscrupulous sales or training in operation if flicker. There is no reason why 0 risk investment, doing or not doing, is only your personal choice for future expectations.

3, product

is important to choose a product. For example, the Red Sea, or special products. The direction wrong wrong step, blind selection of products, do not meet the personal mentality and style, even spent more time and money, may be less effective, little waste of the taste of youth. As far as the product is concerned, I suggest choosing the ultimate type. To do absolutely high-end, to do absolutely low-end, it is possible to make money. Why? Because now the competition in all walks of life, many people do, the homogeneity of the products, before selecting a product to one of the most critical issues is "why do people buy your product?" I don’t think I care > two

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