How does the website increase the user’s viscosity and loyalty

believes that increasing user stickiness and loyalty has always been a big problem for all of you. Many webmaster simply gave up this research, in the website big put POP advertising, just by search engine flow to live. In order to increase user viscosity is not a big problem, it is definitely not the big door website privilege, sesame here today are some of the common methods to improve user viscosity, write not just Bozhuan ha ~

one, to establish your own user circle is king

Method of increasing viscosity and user loyalty

the best, is to build your own circle of users, although many members of the site there are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands more, but most of them are poor interaction, before the members and the lack of contact, the user stickiness natural difference. In addition, here to say that the establishment of their own user circle, is to allow users and users to have sufficient interaction between, conditional, you can increase their IM chat tools, or use web chat rooms and other functions. Because the problem has always been that the major forums are in the stage of blood transfusion to Tencent Inc.

knows through your forum, then adds QQ, and then your forum is useless. In fact, in this case, it is increasing the user viscosity of Tencent, it doesn’t work much for you. Users should be kept on their websites as much as possible. Now many forum programs have been aware of this, mostly add to the online chat function. When the user has reached a full interaction, with its own user circle, then the viscosity and loyalty is not ordinary people can take away.

two, has its own desktop tool

allows users to install plug-ins or desktop tools on your web site, as well as increasing user stickiness. Once, many big portals and small websites took the lead in dominating the internet. Unfortunately, since the birth of 360 big kill, shameless small plug-ins, not too large space. However, conditional or can proxy some computer games and so on simple software. In addition, you can also add a desktop shortcut on the website, Renren and other SNS sites will have such a link, click download, it adds to the desktop a shortcut. Many people might think it is in fact, so you can make an unnecessary move, good viscosity and improve user loyalty, increase membership return number.

three requires users to have real name authentication and give more privileges to

requires users to ask for more permissions and must have real name authentication. After the real name authentication, most of the members will not easily leave the site. There are many ways of real name authentication, which can be verified by mobile phone authentication, mailbox authentication, identity card authentication and so on, which should be judged by the viscosity of the website itself. In addition, after the real name authentication, you can also send messages or e-mail reminders to members who haven’t landed for a long time, so you can recall more old members.

, but be careful, take care of the degree. For example, if you’re just a novel site, you ask the user to make a copy of his identity card

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