really helpless, just because ‘m a webmaster

every day I spent some time on the keyboard does not stop the long winded, helpless; to understand the knowledge of the Internet, from small to large helpless; did not drink a few drops of ink, helpless. But now I’m digging my head and thinking about how to write down this article. What should I write next? All this is because I’m a, because I want to do well.

listen to friends say some soft Wen, help to promote their station, so I also try to start writing soft text. The day before yesterday was Saturday, and I wrote an article about beauty webmaster on Admin5. It turned out to be quite an accident. I didn’t expect it to be really effective. Because of that article, my IP was several times better than before, and PV was up too. I was very happy and gave me the confidence to continue writing. But soon I was in contact with the Internet to understand the limited understanding of Wangzhuan is less, then I want to write what? Let me very headache, not only copy, yesterday a transfer information to the Internet, the result is not very ideal. Once, it seems, or their original, valuable points of the article more popular, so ah, the reality of my Copy to stop the desire, but helpless.

because of my work so I cannot do without computer, the day from 9 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon have been sitting in front of the computer at home, but also to spend time to arrange my forum hair post, write a soft Wen, the content update station…. Things like that make me feel really tired. Sit on the chair for a long time, stand up, stretch, or lie on the bed for a while. It’s really comfortable and enjoyable. But after the rest and have to continue the suffering, struggle, helpless,


I sometimes feel I’m afraid I have no willpower to go on, because I really feel very tired, and I often do something blindly, and I don’t know whether it’s good or not. I really feel helpless. Now I often said to myself is a word: "perseverance is victory, I will stick to it, because I will succeed! Because I have chosen to do the webmaster! Dear Http:// I will take you the evolution of adult people love


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