Successful websites and webmasters should do so at three

for a long time did not share, see many webmaster constantly wandering, so hurry to talk about my views, how to be a successful website and a successful webmaster? I have summed up three points, three points if it can be completely implemented, believe that the site will be very good, of course, I am not what scholars, their own understanding only to share with you, I am not in education but in summing up my experience and discussion.

first point: enough skilled and industrious hands. But many technology that can gradually learn to constantly improve themselves, can not, but absolutely could not learn, although the CMS website has become mainstream, but even CMS station also need some technical things. Then there is hard work, may not have developed brain, may not take shortcuts, but as long as the correct way, diligent down, there will be harvested.

second: analyze enough creative ideas in the market. What is the market, the birth of a web site should have the meaning of its existence, is the "market" of the market can be said to be positioning, choose a love you or your good theme play is very important, look around the site, observe the side of the market, even if it is to go to the market buy food you are likely to find new ideas, get some experience, so the site has a good position is very important.

third: don’t pursue the large and complete personal website: This is mainly for individual owners, individual owners do not pursue, but should pursue small and fine, a person to do a "Sina portal" should be impossible, so I hope to do something practical to fine website some can.

also, in the end to say is good hearted, kindness is very important, it should be the same throughout the whole concept of life, carefully treat every friend, every one of your friends, will reap more good things. The above is my summary of the above points up easily but true to the perfect run to their own webmaster career, is actually very difficult, even if it is to sum up the above is my do not perfect, welcome to discuss, share website (http://s. Symbian mobile phone network) last hope every a webmaster can harvest, can successfully continue.

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