How can China’s DC rankings be more authentic

every year has some ten strong IDC rank, 50 ranks and so on. I think the ranking is good. But when the rankings are turned into trades, they are no longer real. No longer cute. Baidu search. All kinds of ten strong IDC, 50 strong pull can be said master Tao, Hezekiah also rational. The IDC rankings released by the various media websites are not the same at all. In fact. On the other hand. We can analyze it. Media websites can be said to be IDC amateurs. Not investigated. Why is it so easy to get on the charts?.

as far as I know. Ask for money, you can go to the top ten. Some are more off the mark. Pure personal IDC. Even the business license is not on the list. This will only cause more of my webmaster fooled. More confusion for the IDC industry. Virtual host evaluation network. Make a comment. Except for a few paid IDC, not a liar. Any other IDC has been scolded all over the family. This also gets into some of the poor quality of the webmaster’s behavior. Of course, peer attacks are also many. Without any research, how can it be a true IDC ranking?.

has been on the A5 forums, behind the scenes forums, etc.. Met a group of stationmaster. Has own stationmaster group. Everyone is extremely fond of the adulteration of these ranks. Almost every webmaster is from the middle of the walk out. Therefore, through the support of many people in the group. We did a Chinese IDC ranking network ( In order to protect the interests of the owners, but also to protect the credibility of IDC, so that some poor quality people swear and peers can not attack behavior. We took a vote to rank. Just like punk’s trading network. Only after buying a host can comment be made. This comment is true.

if you are satisfied with IDC’s behavior, the webmaster can give it a precious vote. A IP can only be cast once. Therefore extremely precious. Without losing principle, IDC ranking network ranks automatically according to the scores. Exclude any manual intervention. After careful investigation. Comprehensive score. IDC industry is the only poll by the very top of the IDC poll rankings. More authoritative and impartial. At the same time also welcome the national formal IDC country into China ranking nets, let the webmaster to speak for you, real gold is not afraid of fire to refining,


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