Chat WeChat from the media, how to spread information to do a job with ease and ease

Now with the rapid development of

network platform, many people from the media began to complain about the market space of survival difficult, including material reduction, new thinking, short circuit and so on, can write and readers have resonance of the article are even fewer. This has prompted many from the media, people need creative shortcuts, nothing more than some pseudo original or reprinted, contrary to the industry’s virginity, there is no moral bottom line. However, the appropriate reprint, as long as the expansion from the media platform is not impossible, there is one to explain, there is no shortcut to writing on the road. Then, how can we get on the road of self media and dance with readers, and how to write a good article that resonates with everyone? I have four personal suggestions.

one is diligent in the masses, in-depth life. Since the media platform can not be separated from the real life creation, as long as the life of the text, in order to go farther, in order to stimulate everyone to read the resonance. Authenticity is the life of an article. Only when it goes deep into everyday life can we get real material and add vitality to it. A qualified person from the media often go deep into the masses, deep into life, into practice, into the most difficult, the most contradictory problem, go up to the place, to the people of the "fuel" to go, only to master the first-hand material, will not exist without material the problem at the same time, to achieve the "mouth, eye ground, hands, legs". Only to know life, truth and real people, write the article to have something in common, the point of survival. Because there is material in the mouths of the masses, there is an article in the crowd. Only people from the media in mind the situation, did not write, but already have ready plans to meet a situation.

is also diligent in reading and often writing. "Having read more than ten thousand books, writing if there is god." From the lines of the sentence, we can see that reading is the foundation of writing, and writing is the soul of writing. Today we will learn from reading, learning to learn, do your. "Extensive collection of information around the network, expand the road way. To develop a good habit of reading, writing, for example, see the wonderful place in newspapers, can use strokes mark, see the incisive place on the network, can be copied, as a key content learning master Rong; read a good article, it may in the blank, write down their thoughts and feelings and comprehension. When needed, a turn that can speak, Chukouchengzhang, writing can be cited at. A self – media person must develop good study habits, and good habits benefit greatly.

third is diligent in accumulation, good at drawing lessons from. As the saying goes: "one can’t make bricks without straw." Writing is the same way. No "m" is the lack of accumulation, picked up a pen to write when you feel nothing to write, speechless, unable to write. Therefore, we must learn to learn, see the title of the article, good words, good ideas, good examples, good material, in a timely manner to note or save. At the same time, keep an eye on the things around you, and try to experience daily life with your heart, and catch the words, things, things and scenery around you

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