Do webmaster to have the psychological quality

grassroots webmaster necessary psychological quality, now there are many grassroots webmaster, yourself open a web site, there are many reasons. Some want to play, purely for fun; some regard him as a career to do; some point to do Wangzhuan; some in order to practice or learning SEO and so on. But anyway, as a webmaster, at least grassroots level, the following mentality is necessary.

one, patience

, Google, Baidu, Yahoo included, you have to wait, you optimize the key to wait, all kinds of SEO effect is not immediately appear, and may have to wait for one or two months. Baidu day you look bad, k you, you repaired your website, apply for re landing, or wait?. One day you can’t wait, and you give up. Your patience is survival.

two, always stay calm,

when your website a keyword, first name, not so happy, maybe after a week on the go, when your ranking has not been before, also not happy, think the rankings can rely on your ability, your optimization to carry it up. Of course, don’t compare with those big websites and ppc. This possibility of being the first one does not exist at all,

three, open-minded

must be optimized to learn others website, a master SEO optimization, although there are many places I don’t know where he optimization and Sina optimization! Is said to do very well! Can imitate the somebody else template, do good template, then change the key word, change the picture, layout little changes, check the similarity is very low, there is no problem! Although a rogue way, but very practical!

four, pragmatic mindset,

do website, step by step. Don’t be opportunistic, do stick post machine, or buy IP flow (although very cheap), or with the link station, or use tools nets other people web site inside add code, increase the chain, rest assured, die, is the time problem!


five, heart

to do a website to be worthy of their own conscience. Don’t engage in porn sites, virus website don’t, don’t engage in reactionary website! Website contents inside more pages are not advertising content, to find! I think I still have a conscience, at least do the software is free to download, are their own use! For example Skype, I come to this has been in use, the IM function is powerful, the video card, a voice conference call can! And cheap! To wps2008 and Kingsoft 2008, I was also in use, that is also OK! There is no need to feel bad, but also to promote, in turn to be scolded! < / p>

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