Five small things that should be done well before the webmaster succeeds

as the saying goes: "those who succeed, not to stick at trifles." However, in my opinion, in doing this, this saying does not apply, the webmaster to success, but must pay attention to subsection, pay attention to details, only in this way can we lay a solid foundation for the future success of the website. As we have to admire some successful website, in the details of specific treatment are very carefully and in place, but also in its success before, has been in many aspects are done, "Rome was not built in a day", whenever successful sites in their success before must adhere to spent considerable the mind, and as a webmaster we also need to make their success to pay attention to details, start small, insist on doing the little things.

specific to do the station requirements and details, our webmaster in doing the station, all want to understand a truth is "do standing, such as life."". Behind a successful website, must be a good personality and habits of the webmaster, only in this way can you give the charm of the gene from the site, and provide the best angle for future success. In dealing with the details and minor matters of the website, I think five small things should be done to pave the way for future success.

first thing, let search engines love your station.

allows search engines to love your web site, not just to be completely around the search engine, with its preferences and requirements as the top guide. But at the beginning of the station, select the excellent site building program, optimize the program appropriately, and make the structure concise and clear, which is beneficial to crawl and crawl of search engine spiders. This is the future promotion of the site’s technical indicators, such as site snapshot and collection, etc., are once and for all good.

second things that allow users to love and respect your site.

ultimate success depends on the user’s support and access, the user plays a fundamental role is most long for the success or failure. Therefore the operation process in the website will focus on user attention, from the website design website to the organization of the contents will be considered for the user, allowing users to feel the site on their attention and careful in the use of the process, so that users love and respect your website, how to keep the user firmly where.

third things, set up their own characteristics, impressive.

on the site before the success, a good image, with the characteristics of the website design or forum discussion atmosphere, can make the new and old customers impressed on the website, which can make the old users continue to get fresh here, to enhance the site dependence and trust, and then to add new users so, users of the site continues to expand the scale, and this characteristic is the site where the characteristics of successful gene future, can have to make people easy to remember and share the role of.

fourth things, so that the website and the same type of website to build full trust and contacts.

relationships between websites and websites are like people to people

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