A prophecy of Gong Haiyan three venture to online education failure

is being taken up by a lot of pretentious online education that seems to have finally come to a head: the ladder, the good network, the suspension of operations. I don’t know what to say, if from the start, someone saw Gong Haiyan Gong will fail, then I says an article in "100 education into the K12, her third pioneering and suspension", that is I do not god. But I sure, as human beings, if not closed platform, ladder network, XX network will also appear, because it is the law of development of a society: the industry is always accompanied by the winners and losers, and contact with other industries of the Internet, some educators understand: knowing that in front of a cliff, why still go the confused. People who have been wandering, it is difficult to understand the entrepreneurial thinking mode, we stand different positions, the industry is not the same station, and even the size of the tuyere are not the same, how can there be a common language?.

Gong Haiyan’s three venture failure, worth doing is thinking, rather than pretentious, said he had already guessed, said Gong Zong itself is such a person, said Gong general direction wrong, and so on. What is more, even the founder of New Oriental Yu Minhong recently attended an entrepreneurial training camp, with the same time routines, Scarlett had to jump out of the palm. He believes that there is no pure online education called for this point of view, not agree. What is the Internet? The Internet is used to break the tradition and break the traditional industry. Yu Zong idea is equivalent to many people do not believe before, there will be network music, like offline audio-visual publishing, that they are heterogeneous, not long. But the result is how to see, and so on, there are many, the most classic than Alibaba founder Jack ma. 15 years ago for financing $2 million, to New York, failed to return, 15 years did not give up, Ali IPO to New York, is to want more money back.

at the same time, one of the 100 New Oriental Education a mortal malady, had admitted is a pure Internet Education platform. From February this year, 100 Education launched free TOEFL, IELTS class, reservation number of up to twenty thousand people, you can get a glimpse of the attractiveness of online education. What’s more, followed by New Oriental yihuhuhuapiao, when booking number, has been in the New Oriental internal reflection. It’s the ass that decides the head, so it’s not for the outside world. From the New Oriental outflow of most teachers, basically settled in 100 education. I’m afraid no one believes in the relative standard of IELTS and TOEFL classes. Not to mention the 100 behind the education is YY, which itself is a system of product line, if the line, it is estimated 100 education for the home, Li Xueling will be the first time to find him, this is not open the Taiwan? Therefore, the ladder network failure, if there is not wrong in the education of the pseudo line on the issue of enlightenment to us three points:

(1) avoid tantaiqiuquan, vertical is the future of

from the time for online education share, Jia Lang has always stressed that the platform to do vertical fine classification, one dream to do online education > Amoy

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