Liu Qiang, vice president of good loan network do P2P how to lock traffic

lead: in April 22nd, the opening session of the start-up business, Liu Qiang, vice president of good loan network, shared his experience and exploration of the loan search engine.


April 22nd, sponsored by the country sponsored by the seventh open class "Internet banking P2P" in the past few years in Shanghai Lingang software park. The open class invited the entrepreneurs and observers to participate in the exchange.

, in the open class, Liu Qiang, vice president of good loan network, shared his experience and exploration of the loan search engine.

dry refining

in the development of Internet technology, it must make the traditional business of wormhole theory. If the loan can be as simple as saving, is the world simpler?.

the core and basic business logic of a good loan network is how to lock up the flow and the demand for concentrated loans. First of all, you must have a huge and unique drainage system, and build barriers to channel and drainage. Second, the establishment of APP, PC and mobile terminal to get through, through the common drainage at both ends. Third, through the O2O model, the establishment of China credit elite club, online and offline promotion. Fourth, after a single focus of the product, the establishment of integrated industry chain, and ultimately establish an integrated ecosphere.

in the future, the entire Internet banking is a large and full platform, one is small and beautiful products.

for start-up companies, it is necessary to defend, innovation is the prerequisite for development, Shou Zheng means that the more standardized policy, we are more likely to survive and barriers.

more than 90 exchanges, and now the mainstream of this era is 90.

Internet banking is a continuing field. Not necessarily big money, big background in the entry, but do service in this industry, there are still many opportunities, and then small individuals will make their own achievements.

original text:

Liu Qiang: thank the entrepreneur, thank the organizers, I come from Beijing, standing in the hall today, we see that compared to last year, continuing the Internet Financial heat, including our landlord, including the present government support for us, we can see that the Internet finance is moving more in depth direction in doing.

I feel particularly good open class entrepreneurial state, we can not be mentors, but we are in the early start on the road to go a step further, our internet financial products launched in 2013, this is my 20 minutes to make a self case sharing, we make the first product from the budding period of fanatical Entrepreneurship the idea to do today, more popular and more Mengjin background, we think yesterday in what to do, what to do today, what to do in the future.

really do P2P in the country or with the net loan related, we statistics is 20>

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