Why was a secret Wangzhuan part-time grey project

was once a year the Spring Festival, although compared with the previous years, a lot less taste, but rare and friends together, chat to talk, it is a rare member, during the Chinese new year, mutual exchanges, marriage is when I can hardly be avoided, when it comes to their current work is "higher". When several of my age and almost as large as the relatives gave me a strange look.

obviously, Wangzhuan in their hearts, is already a poor reputation, look, know they are hostile to Wangzhuan, only because he had been cheated of part-time job experience. Although it can always see Huo blog friends estimate are certain Wangzhuan experience, but there will be new friends, then, is always Huo and mode of operation we talk over the web.


first for making money


as shown above, this is a relatively common mode, usually accompanied by a "type", "writing" and other words, for example, typing service, handwritten version of the article, print to electronic version, according to the number of billing, thousand 100 yuan +, which for some students, it is temptation, want to do


can do! But first you have to put the courier charges to call me, then I put the information sent to you, after you type success, electronic version of the back, so you have to pay 8 yuan fee, Alipay transfers, if you don’t turn, then to the end, if you transfer. Well, then, you need to pay 100~200 yuan deposit, the reason is: my information is very valuable, mail in the past, if you don’t give me a job, do not give me information, how to do


next, if you pay a deposit, then you will also need to pay A, and then pay B, and then……

if you do not continue to pay, then the previously paid fees will not be refunded.

Taobao brush reputation


The first kind of

mode, most of my friends in the first pay, decisively abandoned, so some people, and developed second part-time techniques, this method said it is very simple, is to use the virtual baby once the payment is not refundable even if there is no principle, will automatically confirm receipt, delivery, part-time people did not receive the so-called brush reputation should pay the Commission, but also the loss of the amount required to buy prepaid cards (usually 100+ yuan), obviously, which belongs to the scope of the offence.

this model, unfortunately, users and sellers, sellers sent the goods, but inevitably because users’ anger ‘nowhere to vent and give bad reviews.

high priced part-time website

Two in front of the

are money, third, is a precise, for free labor.

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