New station, the most important thing is to insist on updating

new station, the most important thing is to adhere to the update, rather than a set of luxury incomparable CMS. Any set of CMS can be built into excellent websites. Choose CMS just for your own site simplification. It’s essential for you to update what you have to do every day, even if you smoke a little, publish an article or modify an article. Nowadays, the movie station is still more popular, I have done before the thunder download station, and now use a more fool movie program. Although there are automatic collection, but every day or to collect the contents of the reorganization, re release, Baidu to my station when cold, hot, mainly the weight of the site is too low. PR=0 station, how can Baidu look at it? But you updated every day, the film’s general situation, the film actor, and the name of the film after finishing, Baidu will still like it. Your station changes every day. It always causes the spider to pay attention to it. You can also revise the things you collect. These are commonplace things.

update is the best SEO for a new station. Like a sapling, watering and fertilizing can make her grow strong. The same is true of most stations. You do not update the site in half a month, not just spiders, ordinary visitors are too lazy to come second times. For those who think about SEO pondering site, which day will be ranked before friends, in not updated, constantly original, based on the SEO is the right way. Blind SEO will only be dropped by K. I used to optimize a movie forum, the data is bought, but after optimization, ranking to the top few. Believe in doing thunder and thunder movie forum for the domain name was familiar with in the movie forum hot once to the front row. Excessive SEO is dropped by K. It’s time to start using again, but the station now focuses on updating the constantly changing content rather than SEO. In fact, you’re already in SEO during the update. So I think a new station, the most important thing is to update, not SEO, not choose a luxury CMS.

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