There are 50 reasons why users don’t go to your site

1 they don’t want to produce content, they expect a better life,

2, because the problem you can solve is what they don’t have,

3, and you can’t solve

for their real problems

4, Oprah didn’t mention it,

5, none of the people they know is on your website,

6, you can’t make them look at their loved ones,

7 they don’t mind what they see,

8, no colleague said it should be on this site,


it is very boring

10, it doesn’t make people laugh,

11, it can’t save people a lot of money,

12, it doesn’t help people save time,

13, there’s nothing exciting about them,

14, it can neither save life nor save the world,

15, it’s not as exciting as Vegas,

16, it looks like an advertisement for Citibank, and people hate it,

17 no one lined up,

18 they work, have kids, work hard,

19 because they have an appointment with the American Idol program,

20 they’re afraid of computer

21 they have enough friends,

22 they don’t write well,

23, more people are using Craiglist

24, you didn’t tell them how to do it,

25 doesn’t go to this site, no one would think he’s an idiot,

26, it’s for freaks and idiots,

27. It must be

for those computer Masters

28 would steal their identity and kidnap their child,

29, they don’t understand your jargon,

30 they’re better at making things that you don’t feel able to do,

31, they were born before 1985,

32 they are not proficient in computers,

33 they’re shy,

34 they’re not like Yahoo, Amazon or Ebay,

35, it has more than one screen, not like Google,

36 they feel depressed,

37 they don’t want to sit in front of the computer "

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