Webmaster Road, do station a year record

from the station has been more than a year, when the station was a objective: Zhengkou! When a year ago, I managed to do in the school library, the system is also the maintenance of the electronic reading room of the machine, to ensure the normal network. To tell you the truth, when I was in, I didn’t understand anything. I couldn’t even download a movie. I was in the mood to learn something.


enters, because he doesn’t understand anything, he is always looked down upon by others. And then go in, followed by a master behind, always subject to someone else’s gas. Laughed every day, but I’m more optimistic. Want to compare open, so every day or good. Time passes quickly, in the twinkling of an eye, the old network management wants to graduate, originally should say the successor’s person is mine, but because of my technology really not really. So, the old network management in our school, but also find a person to take over. The new man made a scene as soon as he came in, because he made a website and was able to visit the internet. That’s incredible. It’s very popular with us, so he takes all my thunder. I secretly decided that I would make a website, too,

that’s it. I’m on the road to the station. I don’t know anything. Where did I start? When I was in high school, my teacher taught me how to use forntpage to make web pages. I know that’s not right now. So I asked around, ask what others do (I don’t know these things can be found on Baidu), finally someone told me to do the dynamic website to learn asp, so I said nothing went to the Xinhua Bookstore to buy the ASP programming. I think I can do the website. Can buy back a look, all the code, I do not understand, try to see many times, but still do not understand. But I know, there are HTML, to learn HTML; so I put this book down, and then go to the library, crazy borrow HTML book, see, without practice, nothing can be learned. I began to use DW practice, I put the layout into half design, half the format of the code, so I point, and point to see what code is generated. So I know what code can generate. Gradually, I read HTML, then opened the book to read, read the HTML part, but there are many other parts of the book can not read. I will try to study this book, from A to Z look, cannot read again from A to Z see, finally, I know the use of the original ASP is some properties and methods, remember that each of the properties and methods, know at what time what properties and methods on the line, I try to write. I added a lot of ASP on QQ and asked some mentally retarded questions, but the people in the group were good and always answered my questions enthusiastically. I know many good friends in the group, we discuss the problem together, although we are far apart, but this does not affect our communication, I gradually understand what is like-minded.

ASP finished, and I began to write their own, do their own stations, you can find yourself doing stand ugly, completely unlike a web site, to search the Internet information. Discovery >

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