Where is the road t’s been two years since lost it

I think, in front of a lot of people in Admin5, I am a novice at best, one inexperienced, two no technology, three no connections. How do I say, I contact the computer is relatively early, 00 years began to play online CS, and then play the middle reaches, and then play legend, this play to play for 05 years.

05 years, a Sichuan friend used to know his literary propaganda forum to me, fall acerbity literary forum, but now is Sichuan a site acquisition, then my friend now do not know what to. That’s when I began to really touch the Internet, contact forums, and some other management and maintenance. 06 years, opened another literary forum in a bamboo fall solo astringent, and let me help him do administrator, because I was in the fall when the accumulation of astringent done a large amount of resources, as well as some other members of the alliance network literature.

in the year of 06, I helped his literary forum develop to 4000 members, averaging 400 online and posting 2000+. As for a literature forum, I know I can’t compare with other kinds of forums, and we don’t have any paper media products, so I’m satisfied with such a state. And I didn’t say I had to let it make money for us, and so on, so I and our entire management team were very satisfied and worked hard. Just by the end of the year, because my friend had something, I didn’t know anything about it, and he sold the forum without permission. Specific to sell how much money I don’t know, sell less than half a month after I and the few who dropped out of the management.

07 years unwilling to remain out of the limelight and another friend, to create the spread of literary forum, attention to 90 literary direction, has been playing a warm card to attract members and achieved good results, now seem to have 6000 members. Quit yourself at 2000 members, because one of the local TV station looking for my friend to run another local portal, so put a total owner temporarily transferred to the site I have been optimistic about the. Now, it seems that my choice is correct. 90 after this keyword in Baidu, spread to the third – fourth appearance, has not been stable.

promised his friend at the time because he had a very attractive offer. What he said to me at the time was, "you’re on the project. I’ll pay for it. After starting, you get 20% of the shares."." I asked him, "I have a project. Do you have any money?"". He is very confident, seems to know that I will ask, "you can rest assured that I have some coal bosses here, there is no place to spend money, you take the project is really feasible, 300-400 million is not a problem."." So I started planning a local website and talked about three or four times later, and I got three hundred thousand startup money in my account. And, by 20% of the shares, 60 thousand of these 300 thousand are mine. And, the boss said, "it’s just a start-up. Later, if it goes well, you can vote again.".

was very much

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