Old Xie the personal stationmaster’s spring has been all the time

I thank the old

a few months ago, wrote a paper, personal webmaster how to keep warm in winter, warm in the job at the same time, you need more to find their way out of the site, as well as their own profit model. Old Xie personally think, personal Adsense spring has been in, personal Adsense need to set up the greatest confidence to work and struggle.

Xie Xie points out a few ideas for everyone to think about, as long as you want to understand, your personal website will have a play,


1. make your work schedule reasonable

I don’t know how many personal webmaster has thought about it. In fact, you don’t have a good time arrangement, although you feel tired and spend a lot of time, but the efficiency is not high.

old Xie suggested: 2-3 hours a day to update the content of the site and some of the management of the site. Spend 3 hours doing website promotion every day. Spend at least 1-2 hours a day watching industry news and thinking about web site user value discovery.

2. analyzes your profit model and tries to find a new way out,

because of the different types of websites, users, groups, and so on, the profit model will be different. What you want to do is better to dig out the value of your user community.

, for example, I was doing a local website, I have a real user group good now, so I can contact some local famous wedding dress shop, or car decoration, house decoration company to cooperate, can be used directly or put into the network advertisement.

there is no good profit model, your personal webmaster can not develop, after all, profitable, you have a bigger stage, enough for you to play and perform.

3. analyze your website to promote

many webmaster now face a very big problem is, what promotion all do, but what promotion all do not fine. This promotion today, and what kind of promotion, tomorrow at the end of the day, or nothing. Website promotion is a process, if you have a very strong capital, that is another matter, if it is ordinary people, please use several free promotion methods, such as the owners are very familiar with the SEO, the soft network promotion method.

4. personal webmaster need to learn more, improve their ability and level,

many webmaster, impetuous atmosphere in their body has a full performance. Some personal webmaster, please pay attention to your words, because in many cases, you a word, may reflect you this person is what kind of quality, your website is what kind of web site.

study, the old Xie every day now in continuous learning, after all, Knowledge has no limit., the more you learn, the more you want to learn. Better to raise your skill level to a new level.

old Xie found an interesting phenomenon, many of the development of good personal Adsense, they will ask my "soft Wen learning keys" and other e-books

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