Webmaster cleverly cross barrier, select excellent virtual host


web site to face many barriers, program selection, website design, page layout and so on are the establishment process in the face of the barrier, and virtual host selection is the number of station barrier to face first, the quality of the relationship between the virtual host website operation success, how to select the virtual host station, across virtual host this barrier? Here’s what to say:

: the first host access speed, open the speed of the site is very important for the user experience, if the site is too slow, the opening speed is too long, then, whether it is for the search engine’s index or the visitor’s influence is very large, visitors do not have the patience to wait for a long time to open a web site, so we must consider the problem of selecting a host speed, and for the purchase of foreign host webmaster, site speed is more important, the United States HostEase virtual host in access speed is very good, and was named "China’s fastest American host, and buy discount code through its host, HostEase, can also get 20% discount.

second: better stability of the host, to maintain the stability of the host website ranking, if the server often downtime, so, your site will not open or intermittent long time does not open, the search engine spiders index is very good, because the search engine spiders crawling time is not fixed, who do not know the spider to index your content at that time, if you just arrived at the time of the index server downtime it will have a bad effect on the search engine spiders, select the host when the speed at the same time, we must also pay attention to the stability of the server is better.

again: to the high security of the virtual host, many people will misunderstand the stability and security of the host is the same concept, in fact, you are wrong, the security problem is mainly from external attacks, when your site’s ranking or flow increased quickly, it is likely there will be some people malicious attacks, if the space itself is not a little resistance to attack, so you can not guarantee data security, data security issues on the well-known host IXWebHosting in the United States are doing well, they are network and service monitoring 7X24 hours of their products, and an index scan on the server site. To prevent malicious software attacks, which guarantee the safe operation of the web site to a great extent.

finally: multi virtual host cost considerations, many people think that the host is to buy the more expensive the better, not from reality, when selecting a virtual host virtual host, if the speed, stability and safety are circumstances, and this is the time to consider the cost of the virtual host, after all, spend less money is king, the price advantage in the virtual host, the virtual host performance is particularly prominent, it launched as IXWebHosting host virtual host > three

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