The webmaster needs to develop a good habit of reading S logs

did you notice the IIS log,


normal Baidu crawler to crawl the page, return to HTTP is 20000, now his page is always 200064, he asked what is the meaning of the 64, Baidu is not clear page, what are the solutions. I’ve also written an article about spider spiders on Baidu, Google, Yahoo search engines, and about the features of three search engines grabbing web pages. However, no analysis is given for the returned HTTP state, such as 200064. This is explained in the IIS: net helpmsg 64–The specified network name is no longer available. means the specified network name is not available, is perhaps the wrong path, perhaps the file does not already exist, but this is only the IIS own http state. While Baidu crawler log returns 200064, and as everyone knows, Baidu is artificial intervention, the 64 illustrates what? In the Baidu Research Institute in the forum to see a webmaster have such a explanation: spider in the IIS behavior of the 200064 explanation according to the time I to the present observation, although there is no enough evidence, but basically can be sure in IIS, if the spider behind the numbers 200064 then this single page will be in the web site in the search engine disappeared. I was behind the K pages are written in 200064, do not know if you agree, there are other views, of course, I say this is not absolute. Because I have a back page display 200064 but in the search engine still can be found. It also shows that the problem, but most of the 200064 act " There’s no more,.

so I think the spider’s 200064 behavior can be interpreted as erasing data.

‘s explanation still looks credible at the moment. Flymorn said, grabbing state into 200064 is not normal to grab, grab the normal is symbol of success in 20000, when the search engine error occurred when the page that crawl into a 200064 state, no normal routine grab; for Baidu, Baidu is likely to be no longer the catch in the main page but the index library, put the "Baidu sandbox" in the investigation, investigate how long, see you how to improve, perhaps, you can not see the Baidu released the K website, there is no law. Well, flymorn was also the Baidu K website, open the website of IIS log (.Log suffix, such as ex080222.log), indeed, also found that Baidu returns 200064 states: 2008-02-22 07>

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