Kochi accompany pregnant female 30 thousand month achievement innovation rich opportunities

college students employment difficult to become the norm of society, a psychology graduate student inadvertently discovered a new entrepreneurial opportunities: accompany pregnancy. Never thought that business is booming, earn more than the normal work, and the Kochi "accompany pregnant female" the legend of the entrepreneurial process.

A study of psychology in the process of

Study on the psychology students find opportunities


2008 summer, Huang Yingrong graduate students, but also to get a national two counselors certificate. Just when she was ready to re employment, the financial crisis raging in the world, many units have layoffs, the operating situation of various psychological consulting agencies are not optimistic. Despite a graduate degree, Huang Yingrong is still struggling to find jobs. After some twists and turns, she finally found a counselor in Wuhan, a psychological counseling center.

The first day of

that her daughter’s situation, mother advised her: "if you have saved your Chinese professional, just to find a recommendation

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