Official taxi software flying on the line hidden behind the mystery

taxi software a fire, and now people will travel on the first choice of a taxi software on the phone, and now the official taxi software introduced, in the end what is it? Xiaobian now for you to analyze.

8 18, Beijing unified taxi taxi platform called the introduction of a taxi software taxi taxi, all of the vehicles from the regular taxi, there are already 15 thousand to join the. According to reports, passengers can use software integration, and can be consumed in more than 20 thousand businesses. Passengers can choose Alipay, WeChat and other online payment and cash. Currently the software has been on the top two mobile phone platform.

in addition, according to the existing car software taxi operators weakness, fly in di taxi features introduced clearly pointed out, rejected all black cars, all of the regular taxi drivers are to verify the information after registration.

According to the

96103 construction company has developed a silver taxi application construction called the car, and the operation of the new moon, the first steam, Beiqi 6 taxi dispatch center 96106 also worked with Zhiyida company launched the "easy taxi cab software recommended

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