How to deal with the credit needs of customers

many customers arrive at the shop to find a lot of buying products, but not the money, and then run a thing, then, credit has become the choice of many consumers. For the owner, credit management is not an easy thing, after all, the credit account once out, can come back is a mystery. So, how to deal with the customer’s credit needs?

shop is can hardly be avoided doing business credit sales, that is to say, do not want to do business on credit, the daily trading volume of all particle positions is not realistic. The general store has a considerable part of the regular customers, credit is most familiar. In the face of these credit demand, the first thing I’d do is grasp the customer’s credit degree. Consciously and around people, get the information they need, summed up a "blacklist", poor credit and economic situation worse without the ability to repay, and resolutely do not trust.

followed by the establishment of a book, do a good record, and let the customer in the above signature. Write the name, quantity and price of the goods clearing outstanding on the books, please credit the customer confirmation after signing their names on the books. Wait until the money back, and then let the customer hands crossed out of books. To do so, one is when a customer default can be taken out. Moreover is the signature on credit, in the perspective of law is the most favorable evidence, do not close or due to the face will feel shy let its signature, no credit credentials.

three is more attention. In view of the credit are familiar, and some regular customers just to store bought a few things before getting familiar with it, but I know about these people’s information is not much. For this part of the customer, I in the process of dealing with them, will stay in mind. Diligent observation, understand the customer’s temper, habits. Let’s see if they play Mah Jong, they don’t brag. For this part of the customer, my approach is not without credit on credit, even if the credit, should do even this account or back you also can afford.

short, for the owner, can credit are generally some regular customers, and retail customers face more complicated, therefore, in order to better record, nature also need a separate account. If you want to make these credit out of the account can also come back, in the credit of the time, the owners can also need to identify only a truly reliable person, can provide credit service.

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