Parent outfit ten brands list

under the current economic conditions permit, many families are willing to appear in the image of the same dress, so parents began to usher in the development of a large market. Children’s clothing is a branch of modern popular casual clothing, also known as family clothing, children’s clothing is mainly composed of adult clothing and children’s clothing. Including: father and son, mother and son, mother and family, etc.. The following together with the small series to see the parent outfit ten brands list.

children ten brands list NO.1:T100KIDS (brand-name products in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou city famous trademark, fashion clothing parent-child brands, council unit, China Garment Association Guangzhou dizaoyibai Children Garments Co., Ltd.)

children ten brands list: NO.2 Minizaru (Minnie · rubee starry’s famous fast fashion clothing brand positioning in the 3-12 year-old urban fashion children, is committed to creating a comfortable fashion / top children’s clothing)

children ten brands list: NO.3 (upper class family from Taiwan, children ten brands, with the originality of the parent-child fashion apparel brand, very well-known brand children, Fuzhou Bo Yang Clothing Co. Ltd.)

children ten brands list NO.4: Seventh communes (known by its unique design and superior quality clothing fashion brand, a network influence on the original individuality clothing brand, seven wing Linyi trading company)

children ten brands list: NO.5 N+a (Nadia domestic share type sportswear brand influence, very well-known scale enterprises, Chinese leisure clothing industry of Zhongshan city new Nadia Garment Co. Ltd)

children ten brands list: NO.6 Ann Annil (children’s clothing ten brands, professional design / operating high-end children’s clothing enterprises, the products sell well in domestic market, with excellent and perfect design of Shenzhen Suifu Garment Co., Ltd.)

children ten brands list: NO.7 Onlykiss (Keith Olin specializing in children and couples dress production and marketing enterprises, with fashion design style featuring children brand, only the feeling of Guangzhou City Clothing Co. Ltd.)

children’s clothing list of the top ten brands of NO.8: Cara Beibei (committed to creating a romantic / fashion / classic feature of the parent-child outfit brand, parent-child loaded with the top ten brands, Zhengzhou, because of the name of love Clothing Co., Ltd.)

children’s clothing list of the top ten brands NO.9:VickyZhang (founded by designer Xu Xinyin high-end parent-child outfit)

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